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Mar 16, 2008 08:19 PM

George Brown baking classes cancelled for spring. What gives?

I just checked out the George Brown college website. All the baking classes have been cancelled. Curious. Does this have anything to do with the renovations?

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  1. From what the chefs there told me they are completely gutting the lower level, where all the baking ovens are and some of the teaching rooms in the upper level are being reno'd as well. That's the reason for all the baking classes, and all most of the cooking classes bring canceled till the fall.

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    1. re: batbon

      I thought this was the case! I did not see Culinary Arts for the Pro I available whilst all the other summer classes had been announced.. so I went and registered for a bunch of other classes, and then the course suddenly became available and now I can't take it because my Saturdays are spoken for.

      Huge annoyance.. not doing any hands-on classes at all until the fall.

      1. re: batbon

        I have registered and paid for a bakery course supposed to start in March, but the school contacted me that the course is being cancelled due to building renovation till the fall term. I have just got my money back.

      2. There are major renovations going on until fall. Most summer classes will be cancelled.

        1. I'm in that boat, from what I can see (being in the current class) it's better this way. It's a pain in the @$$ getting around there right now!