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Mar 16, 2008 08:08 PM

PVD - Pre-Concert Restaurant Recommendation?

I have to start by saying that I have thoroughly enjoyed the walk down memory lane reading all of these posts about "RI food." I have lived in and around Boston for years, but it's taken me back to my childhood and make me realize that I need to make the drive down 95 more often.

My husband and I are heading down to a concert at the PPAC in April and I am looking for a restaurant that is close to the venue, preferably with really good food, $$-$$$, and a place that we can get in and out of fairly quickly, given the need to get to the show on time.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. The closest ones, in no particular order:

    Pot a Feu
    Local 121

    I don't have time to post on each now, but a quick search of these boards will give you tons of info about all. Good luck!

    - Garris

    1. I believe Gracie's offers a theater pre-fixe menu.

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        Aside from the great pre-theatre menu, they have great wines by the glass or per bottle. The restaurant is a short walk to PPAC and they offer free valet parking.

      2. Hands down and without a doubt go to the DownCity (Diner). I've been going there for almost 15 years. They got kicked in the nuts with an accidental fire then opened up a bigger better location a block down on the same street. Park your car in one of the lots along Dorrance St then walk over to DCD then up to PPAC then get in your car - or have a post show cocktail back at DCD - then head on home. Food is great and the atmosphere will make you think you have left Providence.

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          While I have no gripes with the food, I have, on countless times, received the worst service of my life at DownCity. If you go, get a seat at the bar. If you have the older waitress with the crazy hair and tons and tons of jewelry, leave or ask for another server.

          Last time we were there, she stuck her finger into one of our beers to reduce the head. We called her on it, and she denied it, but all six of us watched her with our own eyes. Also, she forgot a cherry garnish in a friend's apple martini cocktail, so she grabbed one with her fingers, walked back to our table and just plopped it in. Gross.

          The first encounter I had with this woman was when I was a broke college kid and out for a dinner on my birthday. We waited 20 minutes (no joke) for her to greet us. When she finally made her way to the table, she greeted us with, "Here I am. Betcha thought I forgot about you". No apology, no nothing. We left immediately.

          I tell friends and family NOT to go to DownCity.

        2. I also have had terrible service at the new DownCity. See my post about our experience earlier this month in I used to love the place, but it has changed under its new ownership and I have heard the same thing from many others who won't go back because of the attitude there. Too bad, because it is great looking and used to be one of the best in Providence.
          For theater dining, I'd recommend Bravo and Pot au Feu, Bravo being closer to PPAC.