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Apr 17, 2002 05:04 PM

Anyone been to Orso recently?

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I searched the archives and found next to nothing re Orso, which is on W 3rd near Michelia, Locanda Veneta, etc. Has anyone been there recently? Someone recommended it to me for its reasonable prices and great pizzas (she also said the pastas were good). Can anyone confirm or deny?


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  1. Go there often for lunch. Very good food, excellent service, good for star watching. Prices are reasonable for the quality of the food. Eat in the patio. Friends love going for dinner, especially for the pizzas.

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      I think they do very good pastas, especially ones with chard and other bitter greens. Also they sometimes have sweetbreads and other hard-to-find (in LA) treats. I had a terrific stracciatella there once too (sp). And they are open later than a lot of places-- 10:30 or 11, I think.

    2. Reserve a table on the patio if it's warm.
      service is good, the tableware was pretty, as I recall. Risotto was very good.
      reasonable? well, I thought it was pricey, but the setting is nice so matter of opinion.

      1. I went last night with 3 friends - sat on the patio. Definitely a lovely setting. We shared a bottle of wine and three of us had pastas - one risotto and two had seafood pastas, all of which were pretty tasty. However, I had the pizza with tomato, basil and mozzarella. I should not have eaten more than one bite. It's the worst pizza I have ordered out in maybe ten years. My sister and I were sharing, so luckily I had some of her risotto. After one bite of the pizza, she declined any more. The crust was not thin - it was non-existent - and it was also pretty soggy. Moreover, the pizza, despite the basil leaves - had no flavor.

        What a shame. I'd hoped to return there for pizzas. But thinking about that pizza right now makes me feel ill.

        1. Orso is no biggie....I went for a birthday dinner---thank god someone else picked up the tab....... I would have been REALLY upset spending that kind of money for totally average food.....