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Mar 16, 2008 07:27 PM

ISO: GTA Bread Making Class

I'm looking for a bread making class as a present for my mother. She knows how to make bread (not the afraid of yeast type), but would like to watch someone really knowledgeable and be able to ask lots of questions. She lives in York Region and would be able to travel a reasonable distance, especially on a weekend.

I've looked into the George Brown Continuing Education courses, as I've seen them recommended on here before, but i don't understand if you can only register for one, and they're longer term than I'm looking for. [I've also tried to search through older posts, but didn't find what I was looking for, so sorry if I missed an obvious post.]

Does anyone have any recommendations?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. This summer at the Withrow farmers market I was talking to the guy at the St. John's Bakery booth - he said they were going to start offering weekend workshops on bread making at the bakery. There is nothing listed on their website - but maybe it's worth a phone call to them - their breads are fantastic:


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    1. Hi Boey,

      In order to take George Brown's bread class you'll need to have taken their basic baking class first. It's a prerequisite. After the basic baking course, you can register for other baking courses one at a time.

      I like the basic course, as you can get a taste of different aspects of baking.

      Hope it helps.

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        Oh, okay. That makes sense; thanks for explaining. I don't know if it'll work for a present for my mom, but I'll certainly think about it for myself!

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          I believe workshop type classes would be more suitable for your mom's gift. But George Brown's baking courses are actually pretty fun to take at your leisure time as well. :)

      2. @Boey: This thread is from a while ago... Just wondering what bread baking class you ended up choosing. Or any classes you discovered.

        1. Maybe a bit far from York Region, but Pane Fresco in Burlington offers bread making classes. This small bakery offers some of the best breads in the west GTA. Although I've never tried one of their classes, I've heard from someone who has that they are quite good. Class sizes are small giving lots of personalized attention.

          Pane Fresco
          414 Locust St, Burlington, ON L7S, CA