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Mar 16, 2008 07:11 PM

Brunch at Elkridge Furnace Inn

Has anyone had the three-course brunch at the Elkridge Furnace Inn? Is it worth the rather hefty price tag? If not, is there anywhere else in the Elkridge-ish area that offers a decent brunch? Maybe one of the BWI hotels? Thanks!

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  1. Sorry, not the brunch, but I did have my MIL's birthday there in November and if brunch is anything like dinner I would say go for it! They were super accommodating to my MIL who is a tradionalist with food and didn't like a thing on the menu. So they made her a chicken breast to order! And the chef came out from the kitchen to ask her what she would like! And when her custom dinner was served she loved it. We had great service, really beyond great. And all of us ( party of 6) loved our food. So I recommend this place and I am always looking for an occasion to go back.

    1. Was there about 6 months ago for brunch. Not cheap, as you mentioned, but everything was particularly well prepared with lots of attention to detail. My 11 year-old granddaughter was less impressed as she preferred Bob Evans because it wasn't so fancy. She'll learn.

      I strongly recommend it. If I could afford it (financially and caloricaly) I'd be there every weekend.