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Apr 17, 2002 03:36 PM

La SuperRica in Santa Barbara

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I finally made it up to LA SuperRica on Milpas Ave. in Santa Barbara but was so confused by menu and being alone, I didn't know what to order. Everything everyone was eating around me looked terrific, but the rather bland chicken thing I ordered was quite ordinary.

Anyone have any suggestions so my next visit will confirm why this place is so highly touted?

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    torta basilica

    Always get the Especiale & the melted Queso stuff - I know, we had these plus some rather ordinary chicken tacos & they paled in comparison.

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    1. re: torta basilica

      I always get the enchiladas special--chicken, potato and mushroom under a creamy cheese sauce. Guacamole is good, beans are great, tri tip pretty fair.

    2. The chalk board daily specials are usually great. My particular favorite there is the rajas - peppers, onion and veggies sliced and cooked (melted really) together with some kind of cream. I also love the beans there! I usually order the pork/pasilla/cheese combo if I am in a wicked mood. Gee I am ready to get in the car and head north.

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        Excellent beans and other stuff at La Bonita, corner of Hobart & Santa Monica Blvd, East Hollywood. Closer than Santa Barbara.

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          I agree, the specials are always safe bets. I had some obscenely delicious chicken sopes the last time I went, which was a Tuesday. On the regular menu, I like the taco de adobado and the taco de chorizo in particular, although personally, I've never had anything there I wasn't thrilled by. Their horchata is also the best I've ever had, and I like the salsa verde quite a lot.

        2. Is there general Hound consensus that LSR on its good days is worlds better than, say, El Gallo Giro, another of my Mex stand-bys? Never been to LSR, and need to remedy that soon.

          1. Went to this place a few weeks ago on a trip through Santa Barbara. It must be cool, as there is no sign or other marking on the place, just a (long)line. Being unhip and not appreciating this type of atmosphere, I decided to forego the line and try three (of the many) other Mexican places on North Milpas St. They were all friendly, all had interesting food, and all had actual local patrons (as opposed to the Super Rica). Maybe I have a congenital aversion to "in" places. Not saying it's not good, just a little too yuppie for now.

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              There are other good mexican spots on n. milpas. La Super Rica is good but i'm not sure that it is that much better than those other places around it. And the other places are cheaper.