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Apr 17, 2002 02:35 PM

Manhattan Beach Brewery / Pub / Casual Dining

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Looking for an informal place to reunite with some old grad school pals that harks back to our wilder days...

Manhattan Beach is preferred as it's equidistant from us all. Maybe a somewhat more upscale bar/brewpub with lively ambiance and decent fare. A place more mature than Hennessy's.... What's the Manhattan Bar & Grill like?

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  1. Have not been to Manhattan B&G, but I would recommend the happy hour at McCormick & Schmick's in Manhattan Beach on Rosecrans. Good food, good drinks, and a good crowd.

    Also, for good fare and a more mature crowd, you could drive a few miles south to Redondo Beach Brewing Company in Riviera VIllage.

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    1. re: JPups

      Wow, that was fast -- thank you! Is Riviera Village easy to get to from the 405? Many of us don't know the So Bay areas too well.

      1. re: Kara Elise

        Riviera Village is tucked away from the 405 freeway as they are polar from one another.

        Best direction:

        From LAX head south on PCH. About 6 or 7 miles.

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      wow i'm a dog

      Never been to the MB Bar & Grill, nor has anyone I know. Both spots have great lighting if you want to look good for your old pals (hey, this *is* LA after all). Also, they are within walking distance of each other so if you don't like one, head to the other.

      First choice:
      Michi Restaurant
      903 Manhattan Ave
      Manhattan Beach, CA 90266-5528
      Kind of a scene, but not a Hennessy's-type scene. More Yuppie-esque (my beemer is bigger than your beemer), but they have good martinis.

      Second choice:
      Fonz's Restaurant
      1017 Manhattan Ave
      Manhattan Beach, CA 90266-5452
      More relaxed, less 'tude in the patrons. They have a small, decent bar. Warning: Don't eat there - the food is OK but the service is consistently *awful*. To the point where I will ONLY go to the bar.

      Feel free to email me for other rec's or info (parking, etc.).

      1. If you want casual, The Shellback Tavern, 116 Manhattan Beach Blvd.

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          More of everything....

          Wow, I never thought I'd see the day someone would mention the shellback in a chowhound post. Not that I don't like the place, actually had more beers there than I'd care to admit. Interesting aside, local MB bars Henneseys, Shellback, and Eurcoles all have had racehorces named after them.
          I'd vote for Rockin Fish for casual dinning suggestion. Plus they've kept alive the lethal navy grog from the old Hibachi days, though made not nearly as strong.

        2. I like Manhattan Beach Brewing Company (or I did last time I was there, a few years back).

          Just toward the beach from Highland. Burgers are fine. excellent beers and ales. Also, as far as bar food goes, I like the armadillo eggs (small chile rellenos, dipped in corn batter then deep fried, egg-shaped [ovate for those of you who care], when you bite it, the melted cheese dribbles out like a yolk. Tasty. Reasonable, a little loud, and walking distance to the pier so you can go for a stroll after imbibing.

          1. Try the Belmont Brewing Co. (BBC)---Here is a link!!


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            1. re: THEE STEALTH

              I've eaten here a few times and find the food to be unremarkable. Not bad, just ordinary. A jerk chicken dish on the menu was spicy, but without much other noticeable flavor. Caesar salad for lunch was like everyone else's caesar salad. The bread they served the times I've been there looked like a good sosurdough. We were disappointed to find that it was like pacakged white bread. They have a nice patio overlooking Belmont pier, with Long Beach harbor and the Queen Mary as a backdrop. Go for drinks, apps, and the ambience. Have dinner someplace else.

              1. re: LBQT

                Six of us (2 hounds from Salt Lake City) had dinner. And we all enjoyed it. Outside patio. Good friends. Good brew. Good food. That is what it is all about!!!