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Mar 16, 2008 05:28 PM

Moxie on Atlantic Avenue

Has anyone been to this new spot or hear about it. When I noticed, during construction, that it was being billed as a family place, I was very interested. Now, I saw it is open for a couple of weeks. Tonight, I read a very poor review of the place by a family on a list-serv. So, I am very much interested to hear more opinions, because based on the one review I don't think it will be worth it.

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  1. Would you mind copy/pasting the list-serv review? It's hard to have high culinary expectations with a menu like this one:

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      Hmm, interesting menu. Kind of reminds of that place that went out of business on the Upper West Side, The Dream Cafe.

      Can't always judge a restaurant by their munu, though... they could end up having the best dumplings, cuban sandwich, clam chowder, homemade donuts, or PancaWaffleskes in the neighborhood.

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        "Daily ethnic specialties"? Is that some sort of a joke?

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          I'm on the same list-serv as Matt M. and have now seen 4 reviews of this place. 3 harshly negative and 1 positive. I have not been there myself, but to summarize the thread, the common complaints have been understaffing, small portions, and out-of-synch serving (tables getting there plates 1 at a time). Also one person complained that for a place advertising itself as a "family restaurant" they really should have a changing table in the bathroom. Interestingly, noone complained about the food.

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            Blech, that sounds like a giant kids menu! It's hard to trust that they will make good "grown-up entrees" when you know they're spending so much time on the "Fry Shack." That said, it's right around the corner, so I'll try it and report back.

          2. Went there tonight with my kids and was really pleased.
            I didn't have high hopes but the 3 little dishes I got were actually quite good.
            The portions are small, but the prices are very low, so you can order quite a few things.
            The menu is diverse and the asian specialties were all better then most of what you get in yuppie brooklyn. The veggie burger was excellent too. The kid aspect of the place is excellent. I didn't see my kids for an hour. Also, pace, seb, there are several changing tables, just not in the bathrooms.

            1. I went last Saturday for brunch -- BIG mistake! Totally mediocre food, tiny portions, and absolutely no atmosphere. It's like a cafeteria gone wrong. Kids seemed to be having a good time, but with nothing here to keep the parents happy, I'm not sure how long Moxie will last. The owners seriously need to make some service upgrades and turn the kitchen around for this to work. I won't be going back.

              1. My family and I went and I have to say, while I think the concept is ok for the neighborhood, the food was truly horrible. We had a burger that was ok but everything else was absolutely inedible. Soggy fries, ice-cold wings that tasted like they were bought frozen at a supermarket and a shockingly dry grilled cheese (butter, i'm sure, is usually a standard ingredient but not here). My wife said her college dining hall was better. I actually think serving food this bad with so many other kid-friendly options around is literally offensive.

                1. It's a step up from a hospital cafeteria. The food is bad (thankfully the portions are small), there is no table service to speak of, ordering requires maneuvering through a series of hand written signs telling you what to pick up (a tray, condiments, a drink). The menu is difficult to read and I don't know what makes it any more kid friendly than places offering newsprint table cloths and a glass full of crayons. Frankly, if I want comfort food this way, I'll volunteer to cook and keep the family at home.

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                    You know what, it's probably the hospital crowd they're courting!