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Mar 16, 2008 05:17 PM

Easter Brunch in Worcester Area?

Worcester is about halfway between where my wife and I live and where our son lives. Any ideas for a nice Easter brunch. One place we are considering is Tribeca. Anyone have any experience with their food and service? Even though it's a little further away, we are also considering Publick House in Sturbridge. I know there are mixed reviews on Chowhound about them but I figured since PH has done Sunday brunches forever, they would probably do an Easter brunch fairly well. Anyone been recently? Looking for any other suggestions. Thanks.

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  1. If your willing to travel to Sturbridge, then I suggest the Oliver Wright Tavern at Old Sturbridge Village. Here is a link to the menu, it's cheaper than the Publick House also. Either way, post were you went and how it was. Thanks

    1. Mensch (great s.n.!), Tribeca is what my friends and I have labeled the worst restaurant in Worcester. No, not simply a BAD restaurant, but the absolute WORST. I've had the displeasure of eating there three times total, each time feeling more ripped off than the last.

      The food is bland, vastly under or over seasoned, uninspired, and ludicrously expensive for what it is. I'm not exagerating; it's really THAT bad. On the positive, the space is gorgeous, both upstairs and down.

      There have been rumors circulating that they're just about to go under, and there's never anyone in there. It's been blacklisted by everyone I know.

      I'm pretty sure the PH only does a buffet brunch for Easter, which may or may not appeal to you. Here's the link:

      I haven't tried Oliver Wright, but I know quite a few of the people running it, and they're respectable folk who have been in the industry forever, so it's probably good at the least.

      Happy Easter to you and your family! Let us know what you decide on and report back, please.

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        Sadly, I have to agree with you about Tribeca. I was taken their for a work lunch and it was absolutely awful.

        1. re: Science Chick

          With a space that gorgeous, it's really a shame, huh?

      2. Here's the brunch menu at Harlequin, the restaurant at the Beechwood Hotel. I've only had dinner there, but it was excellent.

        1. We ended up going to the Still River Cafe in Eastford, CT which turned out to be exactly halfway between our home in CT and our son's home in a western suburb of Boston. Still River Cafe is in the middle of nowhere in northern CT, but well worth the drive. The owners, Bob and Cara, are former lawyers who bought an old barn and did an amazing job renovating it into a restaurant that is foodie heaven. They grow many of their ingredients at the farm where the restaurant is located. They seem to really care about every detail and it shows. SRC decided to offer their dinner menu instead of the usual Sunday brunch for Easter. We had a 2:45 reservation for four. We were promptly seated and were happy to soak in the lovely ambience. The wine list is very reasonable. Bottles are priced from the high-20 dollar range and up. Wine is also available by the glass at an average price of $9. The entrees are set up so that there are three distinctly different presentations of the same food, sort of a classy mini-Iron Chef format. For example, I ordered the scallops ($36) and I was served delicious small portions of (1) scallops in a potato and leek puree, (2) scallops sashimi and (3) hazelnut encrusted scallops. Each was excellent. Service was very efficient without being intrusive. Desserts were good too although the "chocolate tasting" included a brownie-type offering that was a little too hard and dry. It could've been taken out of the oven two minutes earlier. Two of my restaurant pet peeves are hard uncomfortable chairs and noise. Once again SRC came through with flying colors. The chairs were very confortable and the noise was minimal despite a full house and the barn's high ceilings. Altogether a wonderful Easter dinner. We will definitely be back! I highly recommend this wonderful restaurant.

          1. Tribeca the worse restaurant in Worcester? I have had bad meals at many restaurants in Worcester (Rovezzi's (Twice!), Via, Castellanos, El Basha!) but the vegetarian menu at Tribecas is great! What other fine dining restaurant has a menu just for us vegetarians who are sick to death of 'primavera'?

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              That's new since I've last dined there. As a vegetarian, I guess it's worth checking out again, but man, the two other times I've dined there have been ridiculously disgusting and downright pathetic. I almost don't know if i have it in me again.

              1. re: invinotheresverde

                Wait, other THREE times. No, I don't think I can do it again. It was just so, so bad. Also, word on Shrewsbury St. is that the end is now very, very near for them.

                1. re: invinotheresverde

                  I heard they were closing last year, but, they never did...Thankfully.

                  1. re: johnthebaptist

                    The Rovezzi family was just offered the business. No word yet if they accepted.