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Mar 16, 2008 04:51 PM

Where to Celebrate?

Hi, I am turning 24 in couple of weeks and I want to go out to dinner with a group of friends-- maybe a group of 12 at the most--somewhere downtown. Looking for a memorable dining experience at a somewhat reasonable price. Also-- trying to think of something fun to do afterwards--possibly live music w/or wo dancing + great cocktails. This is the list that I have so far. :

-Allen & Delancy
-WD 50
-Momofuku Ssam Bar


Would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. WD-50 might be too expensive and too weird for some folk. I wouldn't describe it as a crowd-pleasing place. 12 is going to be tough at Momofuku Ssam Bar, or at least a tight squeeze at one of the back tables. You'll have to make a reservation for a Bo Ssam. Degustation would be really difficult for a large group -- it's tiny, and counter seating only. Esca is pretty expensive (check out the menu online) and is not downtown.

    For drinks, PDT is also going to be a tight squeeze and you can only make reservations on the day of. I don't know if they'd be able to do 12 unless you broke it up into two parties of 6, in two booths. Which is basically 1/2 their capacity right there.

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      Thanks for the input. Have you tried Allen & Delancy, Falai or Lupa? If so, which would you recommend? Any other suggestions for great cocktails?

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        I've been to Lupa and IIRC they have a back room as well as a communal table up front, so you might be OK space wise. Of course, they're really popular, so I'd call sooner rather than later. I liked the food there, but my first Batali love has got to be Babbo (the comparisons are inevitable).

        Haven't been to A&D or Falai yet.

    2. Allen and delancey is fabulous. They have at least one big table tha could accomodate a group that size and im sure they could move things around. Its not exactly inexpensive, but i dont knw what "reasonable" means to you. If i remember correctly, most of the entrees were 28$ and up.... i think... ANyways, its definitely unique and the food is great. The amosphere isnt in the least bt stuffy- i loved it. If you want to go there with a group this size in 2 weeks, i wouold highly recommend calling NOW. My boyfriend called a month in advance for 2 of us, on ta tuesday and could only get 9:30 reservations....

      1. Sorry to say, but if it is in "a couple of weeks", you will not get a res at A & D or Lupa. They would have been great choices, but too late now.