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Apr 17, 2002 01:16 PM

Black and White Cookies

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Chowhound was referenced in this article in the LA Times.

However, the reference is "the foodie Web site"


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  1. Funny, I just posted the Chowhound Passport write up in today's LAT Food section on the Not About Food Board. CH really getting some PR here in LA today.

    1. And was it our very own Thi who wrote the story on teapots? or is it someone posing as him?

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      1. re: Claudine Too

        Yes, it was. Our very own Thi!

        1. re: Claudine Too

          Yes, it was. Our very own Thi!

        2. Can't believe that list left out the best black-and-white cookie I've had in LA (actually better than most I've had in New York all my life).

          And the winner is the black and white at Junior's on Westwood Blvd between Olympic and Pico. Great cake consistency, moist, terrific icing--delicious and scrumptious in every way. Now I'll have to get one on way home.

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          1. re: jeff

            That's interesting. Every other item on Junior's menu is appallingly bad.