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Mar 16, 2008 03:38 PM

Johnny Brusco's NY Pizza -- Concord, NC

Had pizza tonight from there and it was terrific, It's in the Cannon Crossroads SC at the intersection of Harris Rd and Poplar Tent. They have pizza, wings, the typical Italian dinners. Friendly staff, quick service, and food was good. 12" pizza's range from $12 to $16. Good to have some more good choices in our area.

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  1. Another good Concord restaurant to try is Emma's. It is downtown, in the back of the old Belk building. Very reasonably priced, great service and nice atmosphere. I eat lunch there often and they have great lunch specials. And if they happen to be offering the coconut cake for dessert, don't miss out on it!

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    1. re: riverwood

      Wow, never heard of it. Thanks a lot. I will try it for lunch this week!! Menu looks great. I'm so sick of my regular places.

      1. re: riverwood

        wow. Very cute inside and the food was terrific. It will be a regular place for lunch and maybe try for dinner too. Thanks for the tip.

        1. re: artlee

          Thanks for the feedback, artlee. I've been wondering about that place, but nervous to try it after a couple bad experiences at other places in downtown Concord.

          Anyone tried Ruby's Dinner Clug there? They're only open Saturday nights I think.

          1. re: concordcourtney

            I have not tried it but was curious about it. I don't think you will be disappointed in Emma's....It is a small restaurant and after the article about them came out in Our State there is always a wait for a table on weekends. Good for them, though!

          2. re: artlee

            I am so glad you tried it! My business is in downtown Concord and we are there for lunch at least once a week. On another note, a very nice couple opened "It's a Wrap" sandwich shop and it is another place for a quick lunch...bananna pudding....need I say more?....also, a Cuban sandwich shop opened near the parking garage on Cabarrus Ave. and they seem to be doing well.

            1. re: riverwood

              Thanks for the great suggestions. I saw them as I was walking to Emma's. I get so tired of Panera, Rosario, Subway, et. all. It's great to have some new choices. Courtney, I saw Ruby's and it looked like it was worth a try. There were a couple places downtown that disappointed so I know what you mean. It looks to me that with several of the new places that it is looking up. I sure hope so. Thanks again riverwood!

          3. re: riverwood

            We finally made it to Emma's last night for dinner. I liked it. The food was good, unique (very tasty sweet potato fries), and all reasonably priced. Decent beers on tap too. They weren't trying to be something that they're not (one of my biggest peeves when it comes to restaurants). Great place for a casual dinner - I imagine we'll be back.

            1. re: concordcourtney

              Glad to hear you liked it, Courtney. Have you guys ever driven out to The Fresh House in Locust? It is about a 20 minute drive from Concord. Interesting place. They have a mill there and sell their goods, plus a restaurant. Deep fried greenbeans is one of their specialties (I've never tried them). I am fond of their sandwiches and homemade fries, and I hear their chicken and dumplings are wonderful. I enjoy the drive through the country to get there as much as the food.

              1. re: riverwood

                I thought of another restaurant in this area that we enjoy, Miss Ruby's in Gold Hill....another 20 minute country drive from Concord. It is a very interesting historical town, and Miss Ruby's has the best Shrimp and Grits. They also have a really fun Halloween ghost tour there : )

                1. re: riverwood

                  Thanks for the tip. We'll have to try it out. I love finding new places! Thanks