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Mar 16, 2008 03:35 PM

Looking For An Omelette In Downsview

My favourite local brunch restaurant just reconfigured itself into a Japanese/Korean sushi place, just one more of dozens like it in the area. Already I'm missing the fantastic omelette and home-fries that I'll never taste again.
I'm hoping that someone can recommend a replacement restaurant for me somewhere within 20 minutes or so of the Sheppard/Allen/Keele/Wilson area since I don't want to head into the city for a quick lunch.
My ideal omelette is fluffy, not heavy, oily, or greasy. It will be made with real cheese, not processed slices; chopped onions, and green peppers. A side of home-fries or freshly cut french fries needs to be on the menu, and optionally a slice of toast, preferrably with more quality choices than simply white or brown.
Please help. Just writing this post has made me hungry!

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  1. Steves Restaurant at Bathurst and Wilson is one of my all time favorites for their allday breakfasts.Check it out and let us know what you think.

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      Thanks tromeo, I'd forgotten about Steves Restaurant. I tried them a couple of times a few years ago and found the food acceptable but not good enough to make me a regular. Mostly it was a handy place to meet people for a quick meal that didn't totally offend anyone. A quick search of the threads brought up a number of posts describing the place as a neighbourhood institution that brought back childhood memories but today is not satisfying those memories. There was also a few posts recommending their home-fries, but suggesting that they be ordered 'well-done' or even deep-fried. I may have to give them one more chance before I go exploring without a guide.