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Apr 17, 2002 04:21 AM


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Searching for excellent ones. Mexican bakeries. Down in San Diego, visiting the girl, found a beautiful one in Barrio Logan. Right off the 5, at Logan and Carson. This inspired me - I had not thought much of Mexican baking before. Too plain. Crude baking, I thought. But this place - it started to feel like, in a weird way, that Mexican baking is the *purest* of all the bakings. Like the Japanese are to fish, the Mexicans are to flour. I had never such a pleasantly intense experience of pure flour - unadulterated by too much sugar or flavorings. Clean, warm, expansive in flavor. It was shocking. And the little corn-shaped corn-flour cookies - very pure, fresh baked corn flavor, like an intensified dry fillingless tamale.

Question: so where are the best panaderias in town?

(additional note - can't remember who, but someone on this board recommended, on the California board, a tortilla factory place right in Barrio Logan for the best carnitas ever. To that person, I say, Thank You, my life has changed.)


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  1. What is the name of this carnitas place. And do not forget Los Quattros Milpas, in Barrio Logan, the most amazing bowl of rice beans with choizo & egg, all served with awesome flour tortillas, $3.50

    1. Pico & Vermont, northeast corner, huge lovely bakery.

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        I second this nomination. In fact I just stumbled on it the other day, then lost the name of it (which isn't written on the outside of the store that I could find) so I didn't manage to send a message about it. It's cool that they have all the pastries in great big display cases all along the windows looking out on Pico. They also have good variety, and the item I had was fresh, which is sometimes a problem.