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Mar 16, 2008 03:04 PM

Columbia Area } Where to get a good burger?

I will be in Columbia for the upcoming weekend. I am on my usual quest for a really good burger. Does anyone have any reccomendations? Much appreciated!

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  1. Really? There are NO good burgers in Columbia? Come on, I hate having to reply to my own post. How about halfway-decent-burger? :)

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    1. re: diablo

      I used to live in Columbia, and when I needed a burger I went to Red Robin. It's a chain, but probably the best in town.

      Now I live in Baltimore City, and I can name several good burgers. But Columbia not so much.

      1. re: diablo

        There are no good burgers in Columbia dude, save from buying some fresh meat of your own at The Laurel Meat Market and frying it up on a grill in your backyard, but that doesn't help you.

        You could always try but it is in Rockville (not exactly close to Columbia). You could try the Olney Alehouse on Route 108. I haven't been in years, but they used to do a good burger.

        1. re: diablo

          I lived in Ellicott City for a few years. Any time I had the craving it was Red Robin, as above, or the freezer section for White Castle cheeseburgers. No good mom & pop burger dives that I ever found. If you want some good greasy eats, though, it might be worth the hike over to Marley Station in Glen Burnie, at MD Rt. 100 and MD Rt. 2. Anne's Dairy Cream is an old-school in & out holdout at the main entrance. Most famous for hot dogs and shakes, but their burger subs make me happy. It's all good.

          1. re: diablo

            There is a a Five Guys in Laurel.

            1. re: MrsWheatie

              I can't believe so many people are suggesting Fuddruckers and Red Robin and the like. Chain restaurant food is vile and evil!

              Kudos to the Clyde's suggestion. It's been quite a few years since I have had one of theirs, but they used to be good.

              1. re: Pool Boy

                Chains have their place, and one of those places is looking for something decent in an area where the options are poor. That sums up Columbia's burger situation -- there is no Dizzy Issie's or McCabes's there. They are not "vile and disgusting" as a category any more than little mom and pop shops are uniformly great.

                Also, Clyde's is a chain.

                1. re: JonParker

                  I'll grant you that you have to eat what you have to eat based on what is around, available and that includes chains (particularly if you don't want to travel a bit). But my gosh, I would rather travel a little than put up with a chain burger (especially the likes of Fuddruckers or Cheeburger Cheeburger).

                  And yes, technically Clyde's is a chain as it is part of a restaurant group that own's 13 restaurants, 8 of which are named Clyde's. But they are all local DC Metro area restaurants and, for me, a very regional low restaurant count outfit is far, far different than, say, Red Robin (250 locations), Fuddruckers ('hundreds of locations'), or even Cheeburger Cheeburger (60+ locations and growing quickly). At least in my book.

                  1. re: Pool Boy

                    In general I agree with you, but I lived in Columbia for a long time, and sometimes you just don't want to travel. Better dining options was one reason I chose to move into Baltimore city. But the OP asked for a place in Columbia, and a chain of some kind is going to be your best bet unless something new has come in. There's some great independent places in that area, but not for a burger.

                    I'm not sure what the difference is between Clyde's and a larger chain other than owning fewer places -- the food there was about on a par with most other mid-priced chains as far as I could tell (although I never tried their burger). It wasn't bad, but it didn't thrill me either.

                    1. re: JonParker

                      Smaller 'chains' tend to have more control over the end product and experience IMO. That said, In n Out in California is a larger, but still very regional chain, that does a pretty good burger. I guess it all depends on what you like and what you want at that moment.

                      I still think Columbia does not have a decent burger. I lived there for 30 years myself.

                  2. re: JonParker

                    There's a mom and pop place on 175 near Rt. 1. It's a dive, for sure, but the name is G&G or something like that. It's on the left heading east, past the Patuxent Correction Institute. I can't really say whether it's good, because I haven't had it, but I've heard praise.

                    @JonParker: When I lived Baltimore, I thought the best burger was at the Mt. Vernon Stable and Saloon. I dated a woman who lived near Dizzy Issie's and she thought their burgers were the best, but I still preferred MVSS.

                    1. re: cyraxote

                      I've had both, and for me the prize is still Dizzy's. I was in there this afternoon, although I went for the wings, which were also very good. Plus I love the atmosphere at Dizzy's, although both have really interesting crowds.

                  3. re: Pool Boy

                    For some of us, the food is more important than the ownership. I have never eaten at the Columbia Fuddruckers, but I have several times at Lancaster, PA and White Marsh and have never had a burger less than very good.

                2. re: diablo

                  Others are giving suggestions for non-Columbia places... so here's mine... Kelsey's in Ellicott City's burgers are pretty good.


                  1. re: tapas gal

                    How's the burger at Victoria Gastropub?

                    1. re: ingramcol

                      I had it once, and it was solid. All of the food there was pretty good, in fact, although the service (at the bar) was a little flaky.

                      1. re: ingramcol

                        yumm...the Kobe burger with truflle cheese ( as I recall it) was absolutely delicious, which you would expect from a 12 dollar buger, right?

                    2. re: diablo

                      Chee'burger Chee'burger at 8872 McGaw Rd is the usual suspect chain, but I like them better than Fuddruckers or Red Robin because the fries and rings are stellar. In Ellicott City, the burger at the Double TT on US 40 is passable.

                      1. re: treetop tom

                        I find Cheeburger's burgers inedibly dry, grey, blechy. And they won't cook them below "medium," which in this case is really well-done.

                        They do have good shakes, fries and onion rings though.

                        1. re: sweetpotater

                          I'm with you. Cheeburger is nearly inedible.

                    3. Thanks so much everyone! I'll take any recs. It doesn't have to be directly in Columbia. I am willing to drive..

                      1. How about Clyde's? I think there's one in Columbia, and they make a decent burger.

                        1. My vote goes to Fuddruckers.There is one in Columbia and as chains go....I think their burger is fabulous. All of their meat is ground fresh in store everyday....and their incredible hamburger buns are baked fresh in store...and the price is very reasonable.

                          1. If Ellicott City is OK...have had really good burgers at the Pheonix Emporium on Main Street