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Apr 17, 2002 01:51 AM

Moving to Ventura

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After 33 years in Santa Monica, I've had enough.
The funkiness is gone. I'm tired of speed bumps, "traffic calming" roundabouts, waiter/actors, lousy surf, and chefs who worry more about PR than their kitchen.
I'm moving to the area of the Keys and downtown.

What's around there?

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  1. Absolutely NOTHING, YOU'LL BE BACK!

    1. The good news is you're not all that far from Santa Barbara. Also, on a current thread about underrated restaurants, someone had nice things to say about the bouillabaise at the Pierpont Inn.

      Good luck!

      1. I was trying to remember the name of the Mexican Restaurant we stopped in on our way up the coast. It was really good. It's just off Hwy 101. Maybe it's in Oxnard. Dimdiddy, o well, no personal help there. Sorry.

        I saw this link (see below) and maybe report back to us? I'm sure The Chart House would be edible and maybe a few others -- The Hungry Hunter is a good breakfast place -- but few one-of-a-kind, mind-blowing gastronomies. (Unless something has popped up in the last year for some reason.)

        Also, if it is surf you're moving to Ventura for OK (actually - Yeah hey - Kowabunga Dude!), but if it's rat race abatement your going for, consider moving to San Luis Obispo. They have a few excellent restaurants on Higuera Street. Also, the town is supposed to become another Laguna beach - artsy and quality.


        1. Ventura's not that bad, though you have to love cloudy days and the beach. In addition to Pierpont (I'm the one who did the post and I stand by it), there are a lot of passable places in "downtown". One is Pastabilities - not incredible, but a fair value - the potato lasagne is a full-bodied surprise and the risotto calabria hints of real paisano cooking. There is also an excellent Mexican restaurant at the beach end of Sanjon road, on the right, just before the Inn on the Beach (I forget the name); voted best brunch in Ventura Co, though I'm not sure by whom, I agree anyway.