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Mar 16, 2008 02:39 PM

Recommendations in Biloxi, Ocean Springs, D'Iberville, Gulfport area.

I just moved to the area about two weeks ago from Florida. I'm not really well-read on the food scene here, but am curious if there are any can't miss places ranging from fine dining to hole in the wall. Any cuisine will suffice.
So far I've tried Phoenicia in Ocean Springs which I really enjoyed, Al Fresco, also in Ocean Springs, two times and had great food on both occasions, Saki Japanese and Hibachi in D'iberville which is nothing too fancy, but hit the spot in terms of my mounds of hibachi shrimp and veggies craving, and High Cotton Grill which came recommended for a post church lunch, but was nothing too special. I also had a great 2am breakfast at the Beau Rivage and am addicted to Bubbletea Fusion Cafe.
So, where to next? I'd really appreciate any recommendations that will give me a taste of MS food, whatever that is.

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  1. My boyfriend was just there (from Jackson) and he says the Blowfly Inn has great seafood. On Cowan Lorraine Road in Gulfport. Anyway, I googled it and found this item:

    "GULFPORT (WLOX) -- One South Mississippi restaurant had a celebrity in its kitchen Wednesday. Guy Fieri from the Food Network is taping one of his shows at The Blowfly Inn in Gulfport. While on the coast, Guy is also making stops at two other well-known eateries - The Shed in Ocean Springs and Darwell's in Long Beach. The special will air on the Food Network in about two months."

    He also recommends Old Cuevas Store on Menge Road in Pass Christian.

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      Did Blowfly, however it was pre-K, so much has probably changed.

      Did Vrazel's for lunch, post-K, and it was good. Review on CH.

      Also, pre-K, enjoyed 28th St. Bistro, Gulfport, and was impressed. According to another respondent, on another thread, it has not reopened, post-K. Too bad, as the wine list was the best, that I have ever encountered on the Coast, even against some of the higher-end casino restaurants. They "got it."

      Sorry that I do not have more post-K recs., but have only spent limited time on the Coast, since then.


    2. We used to live in Gulfport before Katrina, also liked Al Fresco and the Phoenicia.

      Vrazel's in Gulfport - semi fine dining
      Jeremy's Cafe- Gulfport poboys, shrimp/oyster salad
      Shaw's Fish House - Perkinston local dive, great catfish
      Trapani's -Bay St. Louis, destroyed in Katrina, don't know if it reopened elsewhere
      The Homestead- Gulfport country buffet
      Carnaval de Brasil- Biloxi, expensive but worth it
      Opus- Ocean Springs, in Shell Landing Golf Course, met chef Jeremy Williams, young guy, great food
      ConFusion- Gulfport, went there a lot
      Lil' Ray's - Guflport poboys, crawfish
      Harbor View Cafe - Long Beach, also relocated after Katrina similar to Jeremy's, good food, can have long lines waiting to get in.
      Lookout 49- Gulfport, relocated after beach location destroyed, seafood, Cajun
      Jordan River Steamer- Kiln (say "the kill") seafood
      Favre's on the Bayou- Kiln, Brett's family restaurant

      If the above post is correct, good to hear Cuevas Family Bistro and Bakery on Menge Ave is back. Great food.

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        I second the Trapani's rec. It had reopened last year (in a different location). We had a great meal.

        1. re: pkimble

          It is great to see that a bunch of these non-chain, non-casino places have survived casinos and a hurricane. On the casino food front, however, a friend of mine recently ate at Todd English's place at the Beau Rivage and he reported that the food was good and surprisingly affordable.

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          Had dinner at Lookout 49 tonight. Very good and I enjoyed the super casual atmosphere. I had the blackened amberjack which was good and my hubs had a fried seafood platter which he enjoyed. Love the house vinaigrette and only regret that we had to rush and miss dessert. Rain was coming and we were on a motorcycle. Bad planning.
          Checked out Captain Al's last week. Another very simple andcasual place with a small menu, but the food is solid. It seems to be a favorite of longterm locals and they serve the best grilled shrimp I've had in this area so far. They're known for having the best surf and turf around, but I could not have handled that much food,

        3. Vrazel's is one of my favorites. Celebrated my birthday there last year while on the coast visiting family over Thanksgiving.

          With family in Jackson County we spend most of our limited time back home east of the cities you mentioned, but if you get to Pascagoula get a shrimp poboy at Bozo's, and if you need lunch in Gautier stop at Petit Bois Cafe.

          Many people rave about The Shed. I'm redneck enuf to like the vibe, but have been disappointed in the food all three times I've been.

          With the Vietnamese population in the Biloxi area there must be a place with great pho! Where?

          1. Second the Todd English rec at the Beau. Wife and I ate there a couple of weeks ago and the food, service and atmosphere were all very nice. Big improvement over the pre-Katrina Beau restaurants.

            I'd like to hear about some pho down here, too. I'm working in GP for a few months and haven't had the time to find good restaurants, but I'm up for a good Vietnamese place.

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              There used to be several places for pho down on Division Street in Biloxi before Katrina. That area was hit really hard, but I would guess that at least some of the places have come back...

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                Pho 777 and Kim Long are the only Vietnamese restaurants in East Biloxi right now. The food is decent at both places, and the decor at Kim Long is a bit more improved. In D'Iberville, not far off the bridge from Biloxi, try Nha Hang "My Nhung" ("Seafood Po-Boys and Vietnamese Cuisine"; 9994 Rodriguez H&I). The chef used to own Pho Palace on Division before Katrina. Nha Hang is so much busier which shows the population changes since the storm. NHMN has a more extensive menu, and the food is really good. I need to try the Po-Boy next time I'm in town!

              2. Cafe New Orleans is a really good place. I've been to the one in Ocean Springs a few times and there is another one in D'Iberville. Its a seafood place and each time I've been there the food was great.