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Mar 16, 2008 02:34 PM

On The Fly?

Has anyone been to either of the On The Fly cafes? I'm particularly interested in the capitol hill location.

What about the carts in Gallery Place?

What is the pricing like? Good option for workday lunch?

Thanks in advance for the input!

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  1. I ended up getting the Rockland's BBQ from the cart on 7th and F.
    I had the pulled chicken sandwich, my husband had the shredded pork, and we shared a side of mac & cheese.
    The chicken was good--very juicy. But they weren't very generous with the portion size.
    My husband enjoyed the pork--they had a heavier hand with this. He enjoyed the flavor but complained that they didn't put enough BBQ sauce on it.
    The mac & cheese was wonderful, and IMO, the standout item. They claim they use whole wheat noodles and low-fat gouda, but you could've fooled me! It was very flavorful.
    The sandwiches were each $5.25--much less expensive than Capital Q a block away. For an extra $ .50 they'll give you a small side of cole slaw to top your sandwich, although I've had much better coleslaw.
    Can't remember the price on the mac & cheese, but I think it was around $2.50?

    Overall, a decent option for a workday lunch, but if you've got a large appetite you might need to supplement your sandwich with at least a side of mac & cheese and perhaps something sweet from their candy selection. Also be sure to watch how much BBQ sauce they use, and don't be hesitant to ask for more!

    I look forward to trying the tacos at 8th and H. I believe they are $2 a pop.

    Note: Currently, all On The Fly carts only accept cash. I believe the cafe's take credit cards but am not certain.

    1. What is this? Can someone explain? I work in Eastern Market, and DCHill mentioned something on the hill. If there is a new lunch place around I'm always interested.

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          I have not been to verify its existence, but The Post said that On The Fly had a cafe located above or inside of the capitol hill location of Results Gym (I think on G SE between 3rd and 4th). The Post described it as fresh local organic fare.

          As I said, I haven't been, but it seems like it might be a good option for a healthy workday lunch.

        2. I work out at the new Results adjacent to Farragut North's L Street exit, and there's an On the Fly Cafe inside the gym. Great for grabbing something after my workout, mostly organic, healthy products and the company is locally owned and committed to sustainable business practices. Check it out.

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            Is the Dupont location actually inside the gym, then? I have not been able to find the cart on the street.

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              It's underground--not a street cart but a storefront. If you go down the escalator on L at Connecticut, you'll see it down there.

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                KWynn, thanks very much, I will check it out!

          2. I've been to the two carts in Gallery Place and I liked both of them. The Rocklands cart has Rocklands bbq, which I enjoy. I had a pork sandwich that I really enjoyed. The other cart has tacos and empanadas. I tried each of the three taco varieties that were available for $2. The pork taco was just ok, seemed like the meat had not been separated well and was a little hard to eat. The chicken taco had a nice flavor, not just a bland chicken. My real favorite (surprisingly) was the vegetarian taco. It had black beans and I think zuchinni or something like that. It was quite tasty and I would probably get that the next time that I go.

            These carts have not been busy the two times that I have been there. I hope more people will be stopping by as it gets warmer, because it would be nice for these kinds of places to continue to be viable business opportunities.

            1. The tacos of chicken or pork are extraordinary. Best in DC. I have not tried the vegetarian.