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Mar 16, 2008 01:58 PM

Unusual and Amazing Cookies in SF or Wine Country?

Unusual cookies are a passion of mine. And man, they are few and far between.
If I am truly lucky, I will find one new worthwhile unique cookie-per annual vacation.
Unique? I am talking cookies that are one-of-a-kind, most likely because of their particular combination of ingredients,and where delicious is a given.

Past Examples:

Mocha shortbread coookies at la fete(?) in mendocino

coconut shortbread-like sandwich cookies at oakville(?) grocery in st helena (made by an outside vendor, tony chiapetta(?), who used to be a pastry chef in boston)

shortbread cookies with crushed potato chips at Gayle's in Capitola(this yr.)

raisin, walnut and candied orange cookie 'bark' at gayle's in Capitola(this yr.)

For this particular quest- unique amazing cookies- I have not previously found anything in SF ,after looking at:Citizan Cake, Tartine, La Boulangerie, Whole Foods, Miette(?) in the Ferry Bldg.

Any suggestions out there? To me, in our abundant world of 'a bakery on every corner' it doesn't get much tougher than this quest. Thanks much for any specific finds!

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  1. Masse's on Shattuck right near Saul's has some good cookies. And financiers/macarons. How wide is your definition of "cookie?" I love lamington's ( from Bakesale Betty, which has pretty good cookies, too, but not too unusual. Crixa Bakery on Adeline just off Shattuck near Ashby has cookies:

    And the Hopkins Street Bakery, which I usually find terrible, has very good cofffee shortbread cookies with chocolate chips. Right near Gioia pizza, most authentic East Coast pizza in the area.

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      1. Kika's Treats-- delicious! I remember cocoa-nib chocolate shortbread, cardamom-coffee shortbread, and Brazilian honeycakes--all covered in chocolate.

        And, of course, the fantastic alfajores of Sabores del Sur, available at the Alemany Market.

        Both enterprises are connected with La Cocina in the Mission.

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          Both Kika's and Sabores del Sur are sold at Canyon Market in Glen Park. I love the tiny alfajores.

        2. They are not especially unusual, but when I drive through Sonoma, I always stop at Basque Boulangerie -- they seem to make the best Mexican Wedding Cookies I've ever had.

          And while not a bakery, the coconut macaroon at Rouge in Berkeley is worth me going out of my way for...

          1. Sketch on 4th St. in Berkeley has a good lavender chocolate chip cookie.