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Mar 16, 2008 01:27 PM

Whats near the House of Blues in Anaheim?

I'll be at the House of Blues in Anaheim on March 23 (Disneyland Drive) I'm taking my friend who isn't at all picky and likes to try something new. Dinner time, Someplace sit-down, and somewhat affordable for two working college students? Or someplace fun? Any suggestions will be awesome =)


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  1. Your going to be stuck in Downtown Disney. There are some good and great dining spots, but they are ---- disney. The food is good and its expensive, and not too original.

    Stop short of Anaheim on your way in, save some bucks Thai Nakorn in Garden Grove or Luigi's on State College for Italian.

    If you really have to eat there go inside the original Disney park (they will make arrangements if you are just going in to buy something) and get a corn dog at that little cart just past Main St. on the right - trust me.

    If you invent a cure for cancer or land a movie deal before the 23rd - go to Napa Rose at Californian. Great steak house.

    1. Just don't bother at Downtown Disney. It's very expensive, as I'm sure you've figured out.

      The happy hour menu at McCormick and Schmick's (in the Anaheim Gardenwalk at Katella and Clementine) is dirt cheap, comparatively speaking, and you can get things like a hamburger if you want.

      Marri's on Katella and Walnut is good Italian, as is Luigi's on State College. Mariscos Hector (I think it might be named Los Mochis now) on State College is a good, cheap Mexican seafood restaurant with a decent mariachi most nights. There's Jagerhaus if you want German food, though it may be a little expensive for you ($15 entrees or so).

      If you want something unusual (depending on where you are from in LA) then I suggest perhaps seven courses of beef at Pagolac on Brookhurst Street (it's $14 or so, though) or perhaps great bun cha at Vien Dong, also on Brookhurst ($7, I think). You could have filet-mignon pho at Pho Thanh Lich (on, you guessed it, Brookhurst) for $6.50 each.

      Or head over to Kaju on Garden Grove just west of Magnolia (north side of the road, in the same plaza as everything else called Kaju as well as "Pizza and Chicken Love Letter") for Korean soft tofu stew, which is incredibly tasty.

      Or go up to Tana, on La Palma west of the 5, for Ethiopian food (about $10 each).

      There's a lot around here. If you give us more directives we can probably oblige.