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Mar 16, 2008 12:56 PM

Montenegro - vaca advice

Hi everyone - I'm headed off to Montenegro for a week in early May on a vacation with my family. I've been doing some research but have been having a bit of difficulty coming up with solid advice as to food and drink. Two of my very favorite parts of any vacation! So I'd really appreciate any and all tips and pointers. We are all adults but young and like all kinds of food, really. Atmosphere gets points too. We'll be staying in a house in Perast but have a car and will be taking lots of day trips. Thanks!!

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  1. In Kotor there is a very good fish restaurant which I've forgotten the name of. It's near the "water" gate to the town and quite well known. There is lovely outdoor seating in the square in front of the restaurant. It's one of those places where they bring you a big platter of whatever seafood they happen to have that day and you choose your fish - pay by the pound. Best meal we had in that area.

    Having said that, it seems that every country in the Balkans has a type of salad, with tomatoes, olives, cucumbers and topped with a local variety of feta cheese. This was always our lunch and it's absolutely wonderful everywhere. You're travelling in May so tomatoes won't be in season yet, but definitely have anything topped with the local cheese.

    Gorgeous area - have a wonderful time.

    1. I'm heading to Kotor in April...were you in this area and did you find any good restaurants?