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Mar 16, 2008 12:45 PM

Replace Weber grill or buy new

Hi! We have a 10 year old weber genesis that we LOVE. It has traveled to England with us and is still kicking. However, we are at the point where we will need to replace our grates, flavorizer bars, and possibly the ignitor (so about 230 dollars). I am on the fence about doing the overhaul versus buying a new one (I'd probably want the burner). Anyone feel it is worth it to keep it kicking vs. buy new? Thanks for any help. I'm unsure of the average lifespan of the undying Weber...

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  1. I realize my title should have specified-parts...

    1. We have a Weber Genesis from 2002, and are facing the same maintenance as you. The prices for the Genesis grills seems to be much higher now, so we will be replacing the parts as they wear out rather than replacing the entire grill. So far we've replaced the grates, flavorizer bars and igniter. Now the grates need replacing again, and the burners seem to burn less hot than they used to, so we may need to replace them too. And will happily do so rather than pay the high price for a replacement grill!

      1. I have a Weber Genesis Silver B. I have replaced the flavorrizer bars twice now. The most recent ones were just installed last week and are stainless steel so hopefully they will out last the previous replacements. Cost around $60. I replace my cast iron grates with stainless ones not because I needed to, but just to try something else out that was not as heavy and was easy to clean and required no seasoning. Cost on grates $50. The metal around the electric starter breaks down since it is a thin stainless but it's not too expensive. Cost around $10. I've done it twice now. When I break down the grill the burners and stand are still in good shape. I've had this grill for around 10 years and have saved lots of money compared to the frequent total replacements of lesser grills. When you see all the new SS grills with infrared burners it's tempting to want to upgrade. I never used the side burners on previous grills enough so it's not high on my list of features. About the only reason I would want to upgrade is to get a bigger cooking surface. When entertaining for larger crowds my current grill is a bit limiting.

        1. Wow, jfood is jealous that you have made 10 years on the original parts. Jfood's is a similar vintage and he has replaced all the parts mentioned already (although he is a >100 nights using the grill a year).

          The model before this one was >15 years old when jfood moved and it was still is tip-top condition.

          So jfood would definitely replace the parts. And when you order the ignitor, the site will ask a bunch of questions so they can send you the correct ignitor. A little silly but read them carefully.

          1. $230 sounds very high...I haven't done it in awhile, but for a couple grates, a few pieces of V-shaped metal, and a spark maker, I don't think you'll spend that much. I haven't done it recently, but I can't imagine spending much more than $100 for those parts.

            On a separate note, any Weber owners experience "migrating hotspots" on their grills? Everytime I completely take apart and clean the grill (about once a year), the "hot spot" moves a bit, from left to right. Over time, it gets smaller, too. Right now, I'm down to the left rear of the grill--the flavor bars and grates on that side look gray and dul from the heat, while the right side is shiny and black, like it can't burn off the residual grease. I also occasionally notice a small ball of flame on the left when I open the lid, that "flashes" and then disappears almost instantaneously when I open the heated grill.

            It doesn't seem excessively dirty, and I have similar sized blue frame all the way around the 3 burners, so I'm puzzled as to what is going on. The grill is probably 10-11 years old, and the burners themselves have never been replaced, so I'm wondering if that's the problem, or if removing them and scrubbing the inside of the pipes with a burner brush might help---i though maybe I got some spider web or something inside, but as I said, the flame still look symmetrical and blue all around.

            Anyone have similar experiences and or suggestions?