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Mar 16, 2008 12:39 PM

Onion Rings in AB

Ok.... I do have reason to ask. I found some big juicy onion rings that were about a million calories but man they were good... ok fine.. I found them at Red Robin's. What I want to know if there are any where else in AB where I can find big, juicy, crispy, onion rings? If not, then does anyone know where I can get onions that are of the gigantic size ( must be sweet) and if you have a really good onion ring batter to go with that could you pass that along? There's nothing in the search.

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  1. if you haven't had the t-rings yet at tubby dog, well... then... you're probably a lot healthier than i am. these things are ridiculous. they look somewhat like an old-fashioned donut (and weigh about the same amount), and nestled deep within is a pretty thick cut onion ring. not necessarily always my cup of tea, but put enough beer in me and my judgment becomes cloudy.

    i was raised on Harvey's onion rings, so i still crave those once in a while, and the ones at burger inn are pretty similar.

    1. my favorite onion rings in the world are at burger baron in regina(i grew up on those) - there's a burger baron in red deer -gasoline alley but i miss it every time - I even got off the hwy and looked for it and still missed it!! so i don't know if they are as good. otherwise burger baron is the only reason to go to regina :)

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        It's hard to spot. It's on the east side just after the Macdonalds and the Esso, just before the Shell and the A+W.

        They also have several burger barons in Edmonton. I know of one on 99st (and 7X ave), and one on 101st Ave on the way out to Sherwood Park.

        1. re: yen

          This is hilarious about Burger Baron in Red Deer on gAsoline Alley.
          I went the other day and got 2 burgers, a fry and an onion ring. I took them back to work. I offered my boss his choice of buger as they were different. I then asked if he wanted the rings or fries. He chose the rings.
          I asked to try one and he wouldn't share as he said they were the best he ever had. As I work just north of there, I went in and got a ring for myself. No, I didn't share with him as they were incredible!
          Dean in Canada

          1. re: carlitguy

            They definetly different from the RR as they are a light batter. I can't say much for their burgers. I ordered a children's burger. Not only was it naked a s jaybird but there was a "bite" taken out of the patty. I couldn't find a number for the manager so I'm just left grumbling about it.

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              crap ok this was supposed to be a photo but none of my photos are attaching even though I already shrunk them.

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                Inglewood Drive in had similar onion rings. It's a thinner onion ring and lighter batter than RR.

          2. I still miss the jack straws from the Hello Deli on 124 street.

            I have been searching for a good onion rings in Edmonton for years. I don't like the big thick ones with the corn meal batter - like Red Robin. The rings are the Motoraunt were very good for a long time, but now not so good.

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            1. re: pengcast

              the ones at Delux burger are really good! but they are the big ones. great dipping sauce too.

              1. re: cleopatra999

                The ones at 100 downtown Edmonton in the McLeod building (owned by the same group as Delux) are good too - I imagine they are the same recipe as Delux. Crisp batter outside, tender onion, and as Cleopatra says, really yummy dipping sauce. Mmmm.

                1. re: cleopatra999

                  I agree - the rings at Delux are the best I've tried! They use beer batter made from Stella Artois. Definitley my favorite

              2. Angel's in Bowness has great onion rings -- big, and just the right balance of batter to onion ratio.

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                1. re: sweeterpea

                  I notice poutine on their menu. Is that good too?

                  1. re: sleepycat

                    no, I haven't tried it -- but avoid the "white sauce" on their burgers. Their shakes are much better than Peter's too.

                    1. re: sweeterpea

                      "white sauce" ... sounds a bit scary.

                      1. re: sweeterpea

                        Have you tried their Royal Burger?? OMG it's to die for! It's insanely huge on a kaiser bun.. yumm. I think their white sauce is their own mayo.. so if you're not a mayo fan, avoid that sure sure!

                  2. So after sleepycat's rave, I tried the onion rings at Red Robin again. For the really big rings in heavier batter, they really are quite good. The spicy sauce is very good too. For a chain kitchen, the rings are probably about as good as it gets. The price though was crazy: $10 for 13 rings.

                    To put that into context, the bowl of French onion soup with cheese toast was $6. (BTW: soup was pretty good too. Not good enough to get me off my favourite blue cheese burger, but a nice change.)

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                      Well I never said I loved the price. Actually that's the worst part it was an arm and a leg. Hence, I thought someone might have a really nice batter receipe they would part with so I could try replicating this app. $10.00 for onion rings is a bit much to swallow. So anyone knows the RR receipe or something close to it please pass it on.