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Apr 16, 2002 03:57 PM

What happened to Benita's Frites at the CityWalk?

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I dropped by to Benita's Frites at the CityWalk over the weekend only to find an execrable Cinnabon in it's place. What the heck happened? I first visited Benita's at the new CityWalk location last September, and as I understand from reading prior postings, it had only moved there recently. How could it disappear so quickly? I see that it's disappearance was noted a couple of months back, but no one seems to have reported the epilogue to the story.

Does anyone know where it went?




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  1. Looks like if you want a place that specializes in fries, you've got to go to Danny Glover's Hollywood Fries at 920 Broxton in Westwood (haven't been).

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      Rats. Next time. Or perhaps I'll just have to fly to Amsterdam. :-)


        1. re: Peter Yee

          Benita's was actually better than the frites I had in Amsterdam. Obviously, Benita's was the best in LA, and I just picked some random hole in the wall in Amsterdam, but still. When I get home from school in June, I'm looking forward to trying Surf Liquor's fries and hot dogs, which I've often heard praised on this board. Surf Liquor is on Main St. in Santa Monica.

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        wow i'm a dog

        I take it they are no longer at Santa Monica Promenade either?

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          it's been many many moons now....