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Mar 16, 2008 12:15 PM
Discussion K-Town

So I've seen a host of mandarin chinese kinda places in ktown --- any experiences here or recommendations for something different/tasty? thanks chowhounds. Your last recommendation of luscious dumplings was awesome.

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  1. i think the places you're referring to are places like Young King, which are korean-chinese restaurants (basically chinese people in korean who adapted some northern chinese dishes to korean tastes)....they're good if you like korean-chinese. I generally think its pretty tasty

    if you look up posts on korean chinese, you'll find alot of posts on the subject

    fyi, the typical dishes are:
    - ja jang myun: which is a noodle dish with a thick brown sauce with beef and onions
    - gang poongi: its like a spicy fried garlic chicken
    - jjam bbong: a spicy seafood noodle soup
    - tang su yook: sweet and sour beef

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      That pretty much nails it. Aside from these specialties, if you order what might otherwise be your regular Chinese restaurant favorites, it's just another version of "unauthentic" Chinese food, such as Americanized Chinese food, Indian style Chinese food, etc. Another caution is a lot of the Korean Chinese restaurants are extremely expensive, presumably catering to free spending Korean business people.

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        Thanks for your replies. Always looking for another better chinese spot in my neighorhood (hollywood area) and those spots in ktown intrigued me...can't always rally the troops to china town and beyond....

        1. re: jessejames

          The place directly across from Young King is also not bad.