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Apr 16, 2002 03:05 PM

Looking 4 West Valley Mex Restaurant w/handmade tortillas

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I used to go to Paco’s in Culver City and La Cabaña in Venice when living on the westside, but I am still seeking a Mexican restaurant in the west-Valley where they serve thick handmade tortillas de maiz after 9 years of valley life. Any suggestions for the nearby environs of Woodland Hills, or even Northridge? There’s Mexican grocery with a small kitchen on Sherman Way in a strip mall, near DeSoto that makes handmade tortillas, tamales and assorted standards. This is okay for take outs, if you can get there before their early closing. Chowhounds' recommendations would be valued.

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  1. Carrillo's Mexican deli at 19744 Sherman Way is the one I assume you were referring to. It is very good but I do agree the ambiance could be better. They also have them in Simi Valley and San Fernando. The Luna family runs all three. You must want to eat fairly late?

    1. I forgot Los Toros on Devonshire in Chatsworth which has very good food but do not remember if their tortillas are freshly made on premises. Big rambling place with many devotees and quite often a significant wait, especially weekends.

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        Los Toros does not make tortillas de mano. I just recently have been there. Pleasant atmosphere & very crowded on weekends. A favorite of my daughter. I could not remember the name of mex market/deli, but that's the location. Any other suggestions?

      2. If it is still in business, try Lencheta's on Vanowen just east of Winnetka across the street from Cupids.