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Mar 16, 2008 11:43 AM

Need tips on how to sugar rim a glass...HELP

I looked at the video on chowhound that has tips on how to rim a glass with sugar and that technique did not work well for me. I have a product called cocktail candy which is basically colored and flavored sugar and when I did exactly what this video said, mine looked sloppy. I am trying to do it with disposable plastic tumblers for a kids party and could use tips on how to make each one look the same. Does the fact that I am using plastic and not glass make a difference? Do I just dip it in the sugar like on the video, or do I put it in the sugar at an angle and slowly rotate/twist the cup. Is it better to use a piece of lime around the edge of the glass or dip it in lime juice thats in a bowl.

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  1. MrsD,

    You need to use a product that has somewhat of a syrup consistency, such as Rose's Lime Juice or possibly Grenadine. Sometimes you can use citrus wedges and the sugar may adhere to the rime. Too much or too little liquid is also a problem. If you do not have Rose's Lime Juice, you can make a Simple Syrup of equal parts sugar and water.

    Plastic Tumblers do not work as well as glass. You really should just dip into the sugar. The act of twisting will knock off the sugar somewhat....

    1. Try making a simple syrup (1 part granulated sugar to 1 part water; boil, let cool, then refrigerate). To coat the rims dip the cup into the syrup, shake off excess, then dip into the sugar. When the syrup is cool, it is more viscous, so the cocktail candy will stick better. I've used the cocktail candy before and it doesn't seem to stick as well as salt or regular sugar. As you press the cup into the sugar (a 1/8 to 1/4 in layer works well) "roll" the cup on an edge (so that only one part of the lip is touching the sugar at a time), this helps press the sugar into the syrup. I think that something happens to the sugar when they add the flavor/coloring, it is more dry than regular sugar, and needs to be slightly rehydrated. Keep in mind the sugar may become gummy if left out too long. The plastic cups might make it more difficult, too, especially if there is not a lot of rim width. Good luck.

      1. I worked in a bar for years and simply rubbing a cut lime wedge around the rim before dipping in sugar/powdered sugar/salt always does the trick quite easily.

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            I also use this technique. It gets just the right amount of liquid on the rim. No drips, spills or dry patches. Then the sweetness of the sugar has some balance to it, too.

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              4th. I was a bartender and the health department wouldn't let us use those stacked things you see in bars with the lime juice-soaked sponge on the one tray and the salt or sugar in the other. So we just rubbed lime wedges around the rim and dipped.

              One thing about those plastic tumblers is that they often don't have much "edge" to them (i.e., they're "sharp" on top). If that's the case, run the lime wedge around the OUTSIDE right up at the top and, when you dip in the sugar, jiggle a bit for good adherence.