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Mar 16, 2008 11:31 AM

Business dinner in Murray Hill - where to go?

Some account managers are flying in from LA and are taking me and a coworker out to dinner. They have already been to Dos Caminos, L'express and Blue Hill. They asked us to pick a place with better food than where they've been and it must be within walking distance of 25th and Park. Where should we go????

P.S. Due to an awful experience at Eleven Madison Park it is definitely out of the running...

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  1. Having spent two years living in LA, i know that "walking distance" often means 200 feet. in case these are atypically athletic angelenos (AAA), i'd recommend Irving Mill on Irving at 16th street -- a short menu, but last time i went (it's seasonal, so it may have changed by now), it was excellent. BLT Prime gets mixed reviews, but i've heard mostly good things....

    1. Campanile is an excellent place to have a business lunch because the food is great and the ambiance is subdued. The waiters are professional so you are not embarrassed when you take someone there.

      29th avenue between park avenue south and Madison

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        Just a slight correction. Campanile is on 29th *Street*, b/t PAS & Madison. And I agree that it is a good choice.

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          Thanks RGR for correcting me. I have been back from NY less than a week and still have difficulty getting back...haha...I have been to Campanile enough times that I should know where it is located!

          You could also try the Cafe at Country located in the Carlton on madison hotel.

      2. Try Resto 111 east 29th street- very good review in NY mag-had brunch there today but it was just okay but that is brunch.belgian food. the other places you went too are for singles and not discerning.

        1. Giorgio's of Gramercy, Via Emilia, Periyali, Novita, Tamarind

          1. Haven't been in ages but Park Avenue Bistro in it's new location might be an idea.

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              Park Avenue Bistro (fka Park Bistro) is a very good choice. We've had dinner there since the re-opening. The Modern French cuisine is better than ever, and the contemporary decor, totally different from the Paris bistro ambiance in the original location, is very stylish and spiffy. The restaurant is located on PAS, b/t 26th & 27th Sts. Also, they finally have a website.