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Mar 16, 2008 10:43 AM

Vegetarian Sugar Shack Query

I remember last year there was a sugar shack that got in trouble during the reasonable accommodation debate because they served pea soup without ham and apparently did other accommodating things.

I'm a vegetarian but have never been to a sugar shack and would like to go. Can anyone recall the name of this place or suggest a sugar shack that would accommodate a vegetarian?



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  1. I believe it was L'Erabliere au Sous-Bois in Mont St-Gregoire.

    I don't eat much red meat myself, so when I go sugaring off I eat the eggs, bread, potatoes, pancakes, pudding chomeur, oeufs en sirop, tarte au sucre, etc.... I find there's more than enough stuff to fill me up, without touching the ham & oreilles de crisse and whatever other meaty stuff they have!

    Good luck.

    1. Hahaha, vegetarian sugar shack, that's funny. Thanks - I needed that. It's like a person who is deathly allergic to shellfish going to a Red Lobster.

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      1. re: riboflavinjoe

        No, it isn't. Someone who is vegetarian - or who keeps kosher or halal - can certainly enjoy the sugaring-off process, eat crêpes with maple syrup or several other things that don't involve pork. In years past, I was involved in events for new immigrants that involved such "reasonable accomodations" - sorry, I'm not up to date about where can meet your needs now.

        1. re: lagatta

          I can't speak to halal but I really doubt that anyone who is strictly kosher would ever eat at a cabane a sucre. Regardless if the shack may proclaim that not one food item contains any pork-related products, nary an Orthodox Jew would eat there since a) nothing is certified kosher, b) none of the dishes or cooking vessels would be ok to eat off, crepes still need to be cooked in something that may have held a pork product & c) even the cutlery that is used would be considered traif. Perhaps the tire a l'erable would be acceptable since you're eating off a popsicle stick off of snow - but then too, the making of the maple syrup would have to be certified kosher.

          1. re: RhondaB

            Oh, that's for sure, Rhonda, but I know quite a few "leniently kosher" people - yes, I know that is a contradiction in terms.

            I don't know whether any Québec syrup is certified kosher, would you? I believe there is some from Vermont.

            1. re: lagatta

              There are a number of maple syrup producers listed here:

              MK Certified Companies

              Just do a search for "erabl" and you'll see several.

              Any Montreal-related kosher query can also be made here:

              1. re: kpzoo

                That is very useful, kpzoo, as I have a friend in Paris who is strictly kosher, and that means there is a local food gift I can take her.

              2. re: lagatta

                I don't think it's about accommodation (or shouldn't be) so much as it is about making choices. I laughed when I read it too, but there are certainly things vegetarians can eat at a cabane. It also depends how loosey goosey people are with their own dietary rules. Some vegetarians will eat eggs, others not. Many Jews who keep kosher at home, will have no qualms about devouring shellfish or pizza in a restaurant.
                A hardcore lacto-ovo-whatever-vegan is about as likely to set foot in a cabane as an orthodox Jew.

                1. re: bomobob

                  Folks, please help us keep the focus of this thread on helping the poster find Sugar Shacks that are known to be vegetarian friendly.

                  If you'd like to debate whether or not vegetarians can truly enjoy a sugar shack, please start a new thread on the General Chowhounding Topics board, in order to help us keep this board focused on sharing local chow tips. Thanks.

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                    I wish my posts would at least still show up in my history, so I didn't have to rewrite. AND I'd love to know how riboflavinjoe's post is more useful than my carefully-thought-out responses were.

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            1. L'association végétarienne de Montréal is organising visits to a sugar shack, with an all-vegan menu: The name of the shack is La Pause sylvestre - it says it is a "vegetarian shack" though I have no idea if that is in general or for this event.

              Well-known food blogger Lapin gourmand also mentions this:

              As for me, no way I'm venturing out to the countryside until it is warmer, but - il y en a pour tous les goûts, non?

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              1. re: lagatta

                That's very cool! I found this info about the cabane itself:

                La Pause Sylvestre
                (menu végétarien, sur réservation seulement)
                58, 11e rang
                Dudswell, QC
                (819) 828-0049

                Couldn't find a Web site. Love the name of the town. ;-)

                1. re: kpzoo

                  I don't think they have a website - it is a very small cabane, really in the woods, in the Eastern Townships. The shack only accomodates (reasonably or not) 22 guests - it is really artisnal!

                  Yes, the town name is great. Lots of Irish and Scottish settlers around there.

                2. re: lagatta

                  The owners of "La Pause sylvestre" are vegetarians themselves. When they left Montréal to go live in Dudswell a bit more than ten years ago a vegetarian "cabane à sucre" was part of the project. They built every thing themselves and created the menu. I can highly recommend the place.

                  1. re: Micry

                    It looks like a very sweet little place. I assume they do other seasonal events as well?