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Best Risotto

Where's the best risotto in L.A.?

Talk to me people

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  1. Most risotto in restaurants is too al dente for my taste (but I suppose this is the way it's supposed to be?). The best risotto I've had was at the Trump National Golf Club restaurant. http://www.trumpnationallosangeles.co...
    The asparagus risotto was a side dish to a lunch-time halibut entree, but was much better than the halibut IMO. The rice was extremely creamy, with just the slightest bite to it, and was perfectly seasoned. I'm curious to know where else I can find great risotto, too!

    1. It's alway really helpful if you list some of the best places you have tried it and liked it in the past for a couple of reasons. It will give an idea of your tastes regarding this dish, and it will keep those who would like to give you a recommendation from duplicating places you already are familiar with.

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        I haven't really had good risotto elsewhere. Almost every time I order it in a restaurant, I regret it because it's too al dente. So it's only with great trepidation do I attempt ordering it nowadays.

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          Hi FH. I was asking the OP about places they have had risotto, (unless you are also the OP too?) before trying to formulate a suggestion or two.

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          Good idea Serv. Actually I haven't many restaurant risottos. I had a seafood-squid ink risotto at one of Bobby Flay's places in NY that I thought was too heavy. My favorite risotto experience was a white bean risotto that i got at Pico in Larkspur (Marin County). It was simply flavored with farm-fresh ingredients and had a perfect texture. I love risotto's with a medium viscocity and nice al dente texture to the grains. Lately I've been making springy risottos like fennel-lemon and asparagus shiitake. I love my own but i want to see how the pros do it.

        3. Starting with the first addition of broth, and depending on the amount and kind of rice, a properly prepared risotto takes time. (Twenty-three attentive minutes on my stove when I use arborio.) Since it's typically served at the beginning of a meal, many restaurants cut corners to get it out to hungry customers. The dish is often cooked too fast at high temperature (and undercooked in the middle) or twice-cooked and mushy. I don't order risotto at any but the best Italian restaurants -- Valentino, for example, which uses vialone nano, instead of arborio, to produce a creamy, delicious result.

          1. La Terza makes a great one. However, the last time I had it, it was a special. I don't know if it's on their regular menu.

            1. La Maschera in Old Town Pasadenadoes a risotto special daily. You just have to ask sometimes. We have had several different risottos that were AMAZING. My favorite was one with ham, asparagus, corn, fresh tomatoes, peas and lots of parmesian. I have not found it to be too al dente (I hate the rice grains hard in the middle, too). I like it creamy, but still with some texture. They also did one with seafood that was excellent!

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                Al dente is different from under cooked. Hard in the middle grains? That's criminal

              2. Ok, the best risotto I've had in LA is at Musha in Torrance. They bring it out of the kitchen in a huge wedge of hollowed out parmesan and scrape the inside of the parmesan with the risotto in it and spoon it into a bowl. It is unbelievable. It is so rich and creamy...just the epitomy of risotto i.m.o. I also enjoy the seasonal risotto selection at Cafe Pierre in Manhattan Beach and Zazou in Redondo Beach (same owner)...different ingerdients depending on the season. I can't wait to try the risotto at La Tetrza!

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                  Question: do they then re-use the cheese?

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                    They must. They scoop it out into a bowl and then take it away.

                2. Second the rec for Valentino.

                  Try All'Angelo and Via Veneto.

                  In Brentwood, Vincenti has a great lobster risotto. Pecorino also has a seafood or veggie version. Palmeri also always has a daily special, though I've never had it myself, heard good things from dining companions.

                  1. yayee!! risotto is one of my all-time fav dishes, and it's also the most disappointing at most places. if it's on a menu i jas have to order in spite of my doubt (which 99% of the time is confirmed). i'm glad someone finally brought it up since it isn't too often that it is... i hope ppl can list some more places i need to try. (have yet to experience good risotto down here... best risotto i had was don giovanni's in napa) hrmm.. i'm thinking valentino and la terza are at the top of my to-try list currently.

                    1. If someone can help me with the name: the old school Italian I on San Vicente (?) where you have to go down a few steps to be in the restaurant proper. The name starts either with a M or a D.
                      I had a very good Risotto Milanese there, creamy but not gooey, very tasty. I'm sorry I cannot be more precise, my friend took me there on a very rainy day when I was going through a personal life crisis so the place in itself is a daze. But I remember clearly the risotto.

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                          Maybe. I haven't got back since, I'd have to ask my friend where it was. I think it was on San Vicente, not too far from Cedars Sinai. Would that be it?
                          You have to go down a small flight of steps, and I think the walls were reddish/burgundy. It felt definitively old school, and I remember the food as very good and my risotto Milanese one of the best I've had in ages. It's definitively the type of place where you can take your parents.

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                            Sounds like it, but it's on Robertson, I think. Will have to try the risotto. But if I go there it's pretty much for the bottarga...yum.

                      1. I have 2 favorites:
                        1. The shortrib risotto at On Sunset at the Luxe Hotel
                        2. The Paesana risotto at Toscana

                        1. Oliva on Van Nuys Blvd. just north of Ventura on the west side of the street. I love their mushroom risotto. Nice and creamy presentation.

                          1. If you haven't seen it, check out the review of Wilshire in the food section this week. It mentions a great lemon risotto.

                            1. lucques' risotto carbonara, they have it with the suckling pig.