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Mar 16, 2008 10:03 AM

Frankie Feds in Freehold?

How is their pizza? I believe I read once a post by seal, who said it was very good. Are they the same owners as Federici's on Main Street in Freehold?

Which one has better pizza? Or any other items off the menu?

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  1. For no reason other than the proximity to my home, I find myself at Frankie Feds once or twice a year and always remind myself on the way out not to return so frequently, lol. I just don't enjoy the pizza (nor do I like it at Federici's), and I've always found the red sauce entrees to hold no appeal (same at Federici's as well). I do, however, find the house salad dressing at both restaurants absolutely delicious. There is definitely some connection to Federici's as the menus are similar and the food tastes very similar, but I don't know what the connection is. I believe Frankie Feds takes credit cards, whereas Federici's is cash only. If you like the food at Federici's, you'll like Frankie Feds. Me, I'll take a pass.

    1. Same family, different owners. Same pizza. It is good thin crust pizza. Not in the same class as Delorenzo's.

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        Frankie is a son of the owner of Federici's in Freehold Center. Same salad dressing but I don't find the pizza to be good at Frankie Fed's. I prefer it in town.
        Both places are VERY close to home and we find ourselves there from time to time or getting take out but the food is just ok. Nothing to rave about, if you ask me.

        Frankie Fed's is BYO, the original is not.

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          I've never heard of Delorenzo's, where is it?

        2. I occasionally eat at both, because my office is local. I think for thin crust they are both pretty good. I prefer Federici's though because they have two things on the menu I like. Special shells, which are stuffed with spinach, riccotta and beef, and their Fried Ravioli which is in this great marinara.

          If you are looking for great homemade pizza in Freehold though, I find Solo's to be the best. Everything is homemade and to order. They have great lunches and dinners ! A nice BYOB that you can get delicious food for yourself and your kids can order a pizza! Around the corner from Feds....

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            My wife and I were in Italy this past summer and while in Rome we went to Dar Baffeto, which many would argue is the best pizza in Italy. They serve on long wooden communal tables and we sat with a charming couple from Montreal and their lovely daughter. They spoke little Italian so we formed a bond when I helped them order.

            We all spoke at length throughout our meal and eventually the topic got around to pizza. Although we all enjoyed our pizza there, not one of us thought it was the best pizza we ever had. They talked up a local place outside of Montreal and we spoke about Una Pizza Napolitano, Pizza Bianco, and Frankie Fed's.

            I tell this story only to say that it really depends what you are used to and what you like. I still like Frankie Fed's and we order from them a few times a month.

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              Did you try Forno or La Gatta Mangiona?Next time I suggest Dar Poeta in Trasteverre - try this and then talk to me about Pete and Eldas. I can not beleive i've read FF's UPN and Bianco in the same sentence.I'm off to Lens Crafters.

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                Seal - Where is Pizza Bianco? I beleive I read about this place but surprised it was in Phoenix I think.

                1. re: angelo04

                  PB along with the Bar and Sandwich Shop are located in downtown Phoenix. I really wanted to try it on my recent trip to the area but was unable to do so due to the expected lines and wait. I did however enjoy the pizza at the La Grande Orange (as well as the exemplary gelato next door).


            2. Thanks so much everyone...I have yet to try either...I will let you know!!! :) :)

              1. This is a good thin crust pie, best when eaten right out of the oven.

                You can now take a frozen Frankie Fed's Sausage Pie home from Delicious Orchards it bakes up in just minutes and is also good.