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Does Italy have an equivalent to Opentable?

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Just curious.

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  1. This website worked for me:

    1. www.diningcity.com/rome
      www.ristorantidiroma.com (click per zona tab for areas)

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      1. re: RomeAddict

        I looked up diningcity.com/rome and found two of the restaurants we plan to go (Colline Emiliane and L'Arcangelo) listed. Does this actually work? Has anyone used the site and were the reservations honored? Thanks

      2. http://www.2spaghi.it/ - sometimes it is the only way to get a reservation...

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        1. re: vinoroma

          The only way to get a reservation to what?

          1. re: allende

            for example a reservation at Palatium. When you call, they usually either say "no res necessary" or "not possible", especially when they hear a non-italian accent, then you go and find you have to wait for 2 hrs to get a table. With 2spaghi, you always get a reservation, and it works.

            Via Frattina 94, Roma , IT

            1. re: vinoroma

              That's interesting. In the last 35 years, we've made many many hundreds of reservations at restaurants by phone. In only a handful of those times were we turned down for reservations and then only because we waited until it was too close to the day we wished to dine. In not one of the hundreds of tries were we told "no reservation necessary." If the restaurant has a phone it takes a reservation; at least that's been our experience.

              1. re: allende

                well, that is not the case everywhere. I am not talking about a place turning you down because they are really booked out. Some places really take no reservations (like da Augusto in Trastevere, although they very much do have a phone), it is first come first serve; and some do act as Palatium. I do love the food and wine at Palatium and keep on going there, but the service, including the reservation issue, is bad. My favorite local pizzeria acts exactly the same way (telling not necessary on the phone and then telling you everything is booked out when you are there, but if you go over 2spaghi, you can reserve). Maybe it is a Roman thing, I have not had this issue anywhere else, either.

                Via Frattina 94, Roma , IT

        2. Interesting thread.
          I use Opentable a lot state-side: it's quick, informative and allows me to back out of a reservation if things don't work out. Rome, on the other hand, is simply not built that way. My modest take is that phone/internet/fax reservations may or may not work there. Don't be surprised one way or the other.
          High-end places are happy to take calls, etc. for reservations. The more modest places I frequent like it when I walk in the day before/earlier in the day and square things away face-to-face.
          Just my $0.02.

          1. Yes, just launched misiedo.com also available from app store!Same concept of Opentable.