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Mar 16, 2008 09:31 AM

gateway grill/snake creek grill/utah

I need some help. A friend from New York and his ten year old daughter are spending this week at Deer Valley. He is wealthy, and always treats us to dinner (Le Bernardin in NYC, Gliterrind at Stein's Lodge etc) and I want to reciprocate, but don't feel like spending five hundred dollars on dinner (he loves expensive wine). Anyway, I thought his daughter might get a kick out of swimming in the crater at the Homestead, and thought we could venture out for dinner from there. I havent been to either of the grills listed in the topic, and can't find any recent reviews. anyone have any thoughts? Stayed at Zermatt last year and was less than impressed with the food, also had dinner at the Blue Boar, which was pretty much a disaster, I assume because it was the off-season and the owners were more interested in chatting with their family members than they were serving and feeding us. Any feedback highly appreciated.

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  1. I've eaten at Gateway Grill for both breakfast and dinner. Totally different clientele! Breakfast is a Kamas local's affair (ranchers, John Deere baseball hats, etc). Dinner is a mix of folks from PC and locals who appreciate good food. Sean does good dinner (he was chef at Deer Valley's Seafood Buffet before opening Gateway). But, the atmosphere may not be what you want. It's definitely NOT upscale, more like your locals diner. No fine china, but locally made ceramics and mismatched dishes.

    Hopefully, someone can give you a yes/no report on Snake Creek - I've not ventured out there.

    1. although we do not live in PC, we travel there 2-3 x's/year. i think swimming in the crater is a great idea. soldier hollow also has a great tubing run.

      this year we've dined at:
      MARIPOSA (1)
      GLITRETIND (6)
      SHABU (1)
      SKY HOTEL (1)
      SQUATTERS (1)
      BISTRO 412 (1)

      for what you're looking for either SHABU (appetizers are great with a thoughtful, but reasonable wine list, fashionable crowd) or FIRESIDE DINING (wed.-fri. only at the empire lodge) might be your best bet.

      FIRESIDE, we think, has the most unique and memorable venue and approach. your friend's daughter will probably go ga-ga over the dessert fondue station (chocolate, white chocolate, & caramel) like most of the kids do. it's a great bang for the buck too...$50 for adults, $26 for kids 11 & younger (and they'll grant a chicken finger dinner for less if they must). order a bottle of the Condoulet de Beaucastel white ($52) to accompany the raclette and your friend will be impressed.

      there are also sleigh rides and snowshoeing available from the location. a walk outside up the ski slope to look at the stars is unforgettable. bet his daughter tries to make a snow angel.

      good luck.

      first picture shown with the sleigh is what the lodge looks like at night

      1. I have eaten at Snake Creek Grill three times, though not within the past three years. I know it was sold from one chef/owner to another chef/owner (who might have been an employee?) within that time. A look at the website says most of the menu has remained unchanged...which is a good thing as far as the Corn Cakes with Sweet Pepper Cream (add the spiced shrimp) and Caramel Carrots are concerned. I've enjoyed all the entrees I've tried there (mine and others), except a ribeye that was inferior.

        The "About Us" section on their website pretty accurately describes the feel of the place...relaxed and homey. I don't know if it's really what you are looking for?

        Swimming in the crater is a great idea, though!