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Mar 16, 2008 08:58 AM

Valrhona Chocolate in TC?

I'm trying to make chocylit's Chocolate Cupcakes Filled with Chocolate Mint Ganache Topped With Mint Buttercream (, and I am trying to figure out where to find Valrhona chocolate here in the TC. I already checked Lund's and didn't find it, but maybe I was looking in the wrong place? I thought about Sweet Celebrations, Cooks of Crocus Hill, Sur la Table, Penzey's, or even World Market. Has anyone else found it somewhere? Is Valrhona really worth it? Thoughts?

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  1. I know that you can get Valrhona from Great Ciao ( Whether or not it is worth it is completely up to you....It is definitely good chocolate, and true chocolate "connoiseurs" will certainly have varying opinions, so I'd suggest just trying it once and deciding yourself. Good luck!

    1. As far as I know, Great Ciao does not sell to the public. I think you may be able to get it at Whole Foods- although that may be Callebaut. If so, you should know that Callebaut 60% dark won America's Test Kitchen's tasting of dark chocolate, so it could stand up to Valrhona (which was also recommended by them).

      Happy chocolate-making!

      1. Other places to check - though I don't know if they have Valrhona - are Surdyk's, Kowalski's, Whole Foods, and Mississippi Market.

        Me, I'm a fan of Callebaut for baking, so I don't even notice other chocolate on the shelves. Though I *do* notice Michel Cluizel bars - I'm a fan of M. Cluizel, too.

        No matter which fancy chocolate you use, I'm sure those cupcakes will be great!


        [EDITED TO ADD] - Oooh - Kowalski's web site mentions Valrhona chocolate. Definitely call first, though. Here's a link to the page with the sighting:

        1. Thanks, everyone! I got desperate and wound up heading back to Byerly's, where I picked up E. Guittard's Sur del Lago Bittersweet 65%. I made the cupcakes and they were pretty good with the E. Guittard, but I'm definitely interested in trying others. By the way, the ganache and the buttercream frosting on those cupcakes are FANTASTIC.

          Thanks, all, for your suggestions!

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            pretty sure you can get them at cost plus world market, too.. but their selection is constantly changing.

          2. I'm pretty sure I've gotten Valrhona at Lund's and at Kowalski's - last time was abotu a year ago, though. Did you check the chocolate/fancy candy section (versus the baking section)?

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              It's definitely at Whole Foods by Lake Calhoun, likely at Kitchen Window in
              Calhoun Square.