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BBQ King Downtown Bulldozed

BBQ King on the corner of Figueroa and Cesar Chavez is no more. Bulldozed, leveled, dirt. I never did like this place.

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  1. No real loss. It was okay if you were in the area and needed a BBQ fix, but that's it.

    1. I agree with you, the wait was auful and even though the hamburger was as big as a dinner plate it was dried out and had no flavor.

      1. I hate to burst your bubble, but they are moving temporarily across the street or something, until they build the condos & commercial spaces, then they will move back. So I have been told by a manager/owner. I saw him buying hot links at Pete's one morning.

        1. no loss to me but my friends/wifey were quite saddened to hear

          re: burgerboy, where exactly is across the street? 2 corners are already Apt's, and 1 corner is some school or building or something...

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            "Across the street" is actually Vermont and 53rd. Maybe for good. Yet another residential+retail complex is being developed on the BBQ King corner.

            1. re: Waverly SGV

              Correct. The move to 53rd & Vermont is permanent. And supposedly they were already opening this weekend.


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                Wow, the only thing they had going for them was their semi-convenient location downtown. I love bbq, and often prefer mediocre meat to other food, but BBQ King was consistent in how it always frustrated and disappointed. Service slow, prices no bargain, and meat always tough and toothsome. Maybe a change of scenery will do them good...

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                  Agreed, except I think their new location will work against them. Moving South to that area of LA they better improve their BBQ game.

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                    They do a lot of delivery to USC Frats & Businesses DT, so they might survive on that alone.

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                    I say good riddance. They can take their gristly meat, glacial service and mushroomy mac n cheese far far away. On that note, had some delicious brisket at NYC BBQ the other day. God I love their sauce.

                    1. re: Josh90004

                      I agree with you.....They serve awful BBQ.

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                        Yes the brisket is very good, i like the sauce, better than many. Sauce is in my top 5.

                        1. re: Burger Boy

                          Yea its not a burn your face off sauce. It's on the sweet side but with some definite body and depth.

                1. Frankly, I'm really sorry to see them go. The owner was a very nice man, and I've always
                  been very happy with their bbq. I loved their sauce, especially the hot variety. God knows they were slow, but I thought the food made up for it. Oh well, no accounting for taste. Even my own. Hey, there are people on this board that really believe The Pacific Dining Car does a good $30+ steak. Go figure.

                  1. its new home will be inside one of the new condos after it's completed.

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                      Word is that plan got scrapped, in a dispute between the 2 parties. Legal suit pending. Hence the Vermont & 53rd move.

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                        Can you imagine operating mega-meat-smokers from a condo terrace? Yikes!

                      2. thanks for posting this...i was downtown yesterday in the mood for one of their beef sandwiches and almost had a heart attack when i saw the mound of rubble surrounded by fence.
                        Now I KNOW that they werent exactly the best (and i've had many-a-friend "school" me on this) but truth is, they were my go-to for decent bbq brisket in LA (Im from OC but commute back and forth between here and the LA area quite often) I've gone there for years and even though I've had better ribs elsewhere, I really liked their brisket - probably/mainly out of comfort. I knew where it was and I kept going.

                        Now where do I go? Where can I get good Texas BBQ, particularly brisket, in the LA area?

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                        1. re: thelpv

                          Great brisket at NY BBQ

                          NY BBQ
                          901 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

                          1. re: wutzizname

                            Last I heard NY BBQ closed it's doors.

                            1. re: LesThePress

                              Those reports proved untrue. Still up and brisketing.

                              1. re: LesThePress

                                Not true, was just there last friday. I think they maybe had some phone problems.

                                1. re: Josh90004

                                  They are still doing what they are doing and yes the brisket is GOOD! I like the sauce also, could be a little less sweet but hey, that's what makes a horse race!

                          2. It's back downtown on Seventh between Grand and Olive. The smoker is still on 53rd and Vermont, and the meat is transported from that location. However, the sides are prepared at the new location.

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                              Anyone know where to park for the new location?

                            2. While I wasn't a big fan of the BBQ beef, I loved their BBQ chicken. Yes, service was slow, especially if you didn't call in your order ahead although ironically their delivery was quick and the guy was really friendly, and even threw in some free goodies. The BF was in love with the 1lb. King burger, so when they closed up shop on Figueroa and Sunset/Cesar Chavez that was a sad day for him. Can't comment on the other items because the BF and I are the types that when we find something we like, we tend to order it over and over and over (I know, boring), but we do miss BBQ King.