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Grill Grates

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I have been looking for cast iron grates for my Weber Kettle Grill for about a month now. I know that they exist, but I cannot find them anywhere. Do any of you have any clue where I can find them?

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  1. You should be able to order them directly from Weber. My SO used to do this before he found local sources. Now he buys or orders Weber replacement parts through a local store (northern CA) that specializes in grills and outdoor furniture. He also says that some larger Ace Hardware stores carry some replacement parts. Hope this helps!

    1. Not sure about your exact grill, but I got cast iron grates for my Weber Silver gas grill from Home Depot...

      1. I replaced my cast iron grates on my Weber silver gas grill with stainless steel. Don't think they would fit or I'd send them to you.

        1. Nothing wrong with putting a smaller cast iron grate on top of your original round one, using the round one as support.

          1. The grates offered by www.cast-iron-grate.com look really good (but pricey) - I wonder if I can use a round cast iron grate from a Large Big Green Egg in my 18.5 inch (small) weber kettle. Not as cute but a few $$$ less :D

            I decided to order from WWW.GRILLGRATE.COM and got the kit cut for the Large Big Green Egg - same size as a small (18.5") weber kettle. I bought them mostly because they are made of Aluminum which does NOT rust.

            The menu for Sunday night is Salmon Steaks, Corn on the cob and Asparagus, all to be cooked on the little weber. I am planning on putting pix on the grillgrate facebook page.

            Wish me luck

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              Just found your query. I have a 12 yr old 22" Weber charcoal grill WITH a combination stainless steel hinged grate with a CAST IRON INSERT, about 11-1/2" x 17". It really is great! The part numbers are 1425 and 1450. However every Weber replacement parts source says they have discontinued this part and are sold out. The cast iron grate won't burn out...it's solid, but I'm sure the hinged grill part will at some point burn out. I'm treating it with car and respect. It apparently was sold by Ace Hardware at that time. You might try them, they might have one somewhere, or just keep looking. Good luck.

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                They are unheard of now. If you find one, you'll be lucky and it will be used.

                The best bet is to simply buy a cheaper cast iron grate to put on top of your current wire grate. I bought a Lodge grate for about $30 and it works well.

                I think the after-market grate (above) is a good investment and I would have purchased one had they been around (or had I found it) when I was looking a few years ago.

            2. I just bought a new Weber gas stainless to replace my older Weber Genesis. The older one had new cast iron grates so I kept those and am now experimenting with one stainless and one cast iron grate. Still haven't come to a determination.

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                Thanks for the replies. I actually came across cast-iron-grate.com and found what I was looking for. The 22" cast iron grate that comes in 4 pieces. I've had it for about 8 months now and its amazing. Would recommend to any of you.