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Mar 16, 2008 06:22 AM

'St. Patricks Day' special foods or dining out spots?

So you will be adding an O' to your last name and wearin' some o' the green. What special
St. Pattie's Day foods will you be preparing OR if you are going out where is your "green for go" place?
Patty O' Furniture/fruglescot

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  1. My birthday is tommorow and we always have made your typical corned beef and cabbage. Sometimes we will make boxtys. Sometimes smoked salmon as an appetizer.

    This year we are going out for Russian food - lol.

    1. I am sorely missing my Corned Beef, Cabbage and Potatoes but my doctor put me on an all new diet. Any suggestions for a heart and stomach healthy Irish meal?

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        My mama used to make an Irish Potato Stew. Very simple with onions & potatoes.
        I haven't had it in years, but I am craving it now.

        Of course, I always added a pat or two of butter on top, but you could skip that part!

      2. Colcannon. My husband will have lots of Guinness, and I will drink diet soda and drive people around.

        1. 'Éirinn go Brách' to you too, FS.

          Here we celebrate St. Joseph's Day too, on Wednesday this year. However we have so many Irish friends to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with tonight's meal will be Irish Lamb Stew and favorite. And, whatever everyone else brings.

          1. made my Irish-American corned beef and cabbage on Saturday night. Tonight is corned beef hash, and staying in with the family. I view St. Patricks Day, and New Years Eve the same way in regards to going out. I think of them as Amateur nights.