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Apr 15, 2002 08:50 PM

Sticky Rice

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I need to find sticky rice. Friends from NY keep complaining about lack of it in L.A.
Why is it so difficult to find? A waiter at Jitlada said it takes to long. Is that true?
Please let me know.

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  1. Try the Issan-style restaurants in Thaitown. Sticky rice is associated more with northeastern Thai (Issan) and Laotian cuisine than it is with Bangkok-style Thai. Renu Nakorn and Thai Nakorn serve sticky rice, with Renu serving it in the traditional, single-serving-sized Tip Khao (basket).

    Interestingly, sticky rice is literally steamed rice (cooked with steam above the boiling water). What is commonly referred to as "steamed rice" is actually boiled. It's not all that difficult or time-consuming to make (it's not made to order anyway, but made in advance). The waiter at Jitlada was probably giving you a "polite" answer in the typical Thai fashion. For example, a waiter at Thai Nakorn once refused to let me order a certain dish, telling me that I wouldn't like it. The truth (as I later discovered) was it was close to closing time and the dish would have taken too long to prepare.

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      They serve sticky rice at The Palm Thai restaurant in Thai Town. You know, the one that has the singing Thai Elvis guy.

      But where oh where in Thai Town can I get sticky rice with fresh mango for dessert? The first place I tried that delectable dish was at Ruen Pair in Pomona, which has awesome Thai food!

      1. re: Chris G.

        Is sticky rice just a different preparation, or is it also a different kind of rice that is steamed, not boiled?

        1. re: David L

          It's also a different type of rice. You can find it in Thai grocery stores: usually it's called "Thai sweet rice," "sweet glutinous rice," or "Thai sticky rice."

          1. re: Chris G.

            In addition to Tuk Tuk, as a previous poster noted, it can also be found on the Westside at Cafe Talesai (Olympic one block west of Doheny)

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            I saw it on the Food Network and they were making a dessert: sticky rice with Papaya. The Thai cook boiled the rice first and then placed it (kind of spread out) in a bamboo steamer atop what looked to be corn husks (I don't actually know what they were) she said for a little added flavor.

            To make the dessert, she then added cream and sugars (white sugar and Thai plum sugar? or American maple sugar) and waited for it to "set up" more, then put it on a plate with slices of papaya. She said it is also very good served warm and topped with iced cream. Supposed to taste a little like rice pudding and will keep for about one week in the fridge.

        2. Kruang Tedd around that 5200 block of Hollywood Blvd. with all those wonderful Thai restaurants already mentioned. I believe Tuk Tuk on Pico near Robertson also has sticky rice.

          1. You know what's even better than sticky rice? Long grained black glutinous rice.

            1. I had great sticky rice w/coconut and mango at Tuk Tuk (sp?) on Pico near Century City. It is the place with the little cart on the roof. There food is much better than many Thai places.

              They suggest sticky rice with many dishes on the menu so I think it is available all the time.

              1. Go to the thai temple in N hollywood on weekends - the woman who sells the homemade papya salad and larb also sells great sticky rice for a dollar or two