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Mar 16, 2008 06:15 AM

Need Advice for Special Birthday Dinner - With a Twist

Hello Everyone,

Nice to be back.

I am charged with taking a good friend out for dinner on her birthday, funnily enough, April 1. The "twist" is that is has to be a place where she has never been before. So established places like Canoe are out.

So please help me out. Are there any relatively new places that really stand out? Leslieville would be helpful as she lives in the Beach, but anywhere downtown would be fine. No restrictions.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Have you been to Colborne Lane yet? Here's a review of a recent experience:

    1. Toronto Life's current issue has a cover story on the 10 best new restos of the year... you could check that out for some ideas.

      Colborne Lane is #2, and I'd definitely endorse this rec.

        1. not new, but has she been to tomi-kro?

          1. Have you been to Quince? It's great and may be out of her territory range as it's at Yonge & Eglinton - the food is great and ambiance very nice.

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              Hello and thanks everyone for responses. We have together been to Tomi-Kro (had all of the tapas, really good) and Quince, which is a place that I really love. I was at Colborne Lane almost exactly one year ago and was not inclined to rush back.

              Lucien has been suggested. It has mixed reviews here. Anything recent?

                1. re: grilledcheese

                  What dishes would you recommend at Nyood?

                  1. re: phoenikia

                    The pork roulade. The mushrooms & rapini. The flatbreads.