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Mar 16, 2008 03:30 AM

mail order steaks to hong kong?

anyone found any companies that will deliver steaks and/or other meats to hong kong? while the seafood at the wet markets is fantastic, i haven't been thrilled with the meat at city super and great. i'm looking for some premium quality cuts like the ones sold by niman ranch and lobel's in the states. are there any butchers in hong kong who sell this kind of product? i know the hotels and fine restaurants get their meats from importers like saison and classic fine foods, but to my knowledge they don't sell to retail. where have you found your best cuts?

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  1. 'meat shops' (they're not butchers, so to speak) are popping up all over HK. don't know if they're any good, but here are some places you could look out for, depending on your locale.

    - fentons in happy valley:
    - a 'wholesale' meat company on the corner of leighton rd. and matheson st. in causeway bay, and they sell good meat - you have to ask to see what they think is best that day ('wholesale' meaning you'll need to buy more than a couple of kilos).
    - on hau wong road in kowloon city, right opp. the wet market
    - on cheung sha wan rd, near HK industrial centre (lai chi kok MTR
    )- other supermarkets - oliver's and 360, for example

    i'm really sorry i can't remember the names of most of them...! i get mine from the causeway bay shop, or via wholesalers our family knows through the grapevine...

    i don't think any of them do delivery though, you'll have to rock up and see.

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      So I went to the "wholesale" meat company to grab a couple of steaks. This place is good in that it carries CAB (certified angus) USDA beef (albeit frozen). The problem is that I like ribs and it is not bone in. The second small issue is that the meat is choice grade (As opposed to prime). When I asked him about prime, he didn't want to deal with it (plus i think there was some language barrier here). The price was great (125hkd / lbs or so). So if you are throwing a bbq for a crowd that likes steakhouse steaks, this is a good place to stock up.
      I grilled the steak up though and it was fabulous.

      Does anyone else know a butcher that will dry age meat for you? There is nothing like at 30+ day dry aged bone in rib . . . but i think that is too much to ask in hk. . .

      Will post reviews as I try some of the others.