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Mar 16, 2008 03:12 AM

Special occasion dinner in Bologna?

I am studying in Bologna for the semester. As a student, most of my meals have been cooking for myself or cheap eats (which I will make a thorough post on at the end of my time here), but I am looking for a recommendation for a special dinner out - my boyfriend is here and we will be celebrating my birthday. We want to keep prices reasonable (no more than 50 Euros each, drinks included), and great food (rather than a fancy setting) is definitely the priority, but a romantic/special ambiance would be nice. Any recommendations?

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  1. Trattoria Gigina - or ask an Italian since you are there?

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      Trattoria Gigina, Via Stendhal 1, tagliatellle al ragu, lasagne verdi, & tortelloni.
      Trattoria Serghei, Via Piella 12, homemade pasta, pork loin slow-cooked in milk.

    2. This might be too late...but..
      Try to get to Osteria Romagnola on the via Rialto in the San Stefano area
      It is a wonderful little place with great food and great service' Try the pumpkin tortelonni for the primi piatti and for secondi try the beef braised in wine with ploneta. I don't think they had a printed menu but the waiter will tell you the dishes. It is very romatic but may be a little over E50.

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        I second Osteria Romagnola. Had dinner there 2x in one week.

      2. Trattoria Annamaria. Via Delle Belle Arti 17, 40100 Bologna Tel. 051266894.
        -amazing tagliatelle al ragu', to die for.

        Trattoria Serghei.Via Piella, 12 , 40126 Bologna Tel. 051 233533
        -cosy intimate place. Must reserve. Inexpensive, fabulous everything. The tagliatelle here are great also.