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Mar 16, 2008 02:09 AM

Suggestions for Thailnd

I'm off to Thailand during Easter - my first real trip since 5 years ago. I've read the past threads on Bangkok and see that it either focuses on street food, stalls at places like MBK or hotel choices like Celadon. I've done most of these before, and want to know if there are other options for upscale food outside of hotels (Baan Khanita rings a bell...from years ago).

I'm also spending a bit of time outside Bangkok, in Ayutthaya and Sukhothai. Wonder if there are any suggestions?

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  1. If visiting Sukothai for the Historical Park , I prefer staying in Phitsanulok and travelling through for the day .

    Phitsanulok has a lovely night market , several riverside , and 'on the river' restaurants that I really enjoyed .

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      I'll echo the above, Phitsanulok has a lot more to offer in terms of food than does Sukhothai, and it is an easy drive from Phitsanulok to the ruins at Sukhothai. But one warning; be prepared to sizzle. April is the hotest month in Thailand and the Sukhothai-Phitsanulok Provinces area is one of the worst.

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        On the plus side, it's mango season!

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          yes whs!! khao niaw ma muang (sticky rice with mango and coconut milk) is everywhere in march/april, especially markets.

    2. I just got home yesterday from Bangkok. Unfortunately, I was on a busy business trip, so I did not do the most chowhoundish eating.

      However, Baan Khanita was delicious - especially the steamed fish with lime/garlic sauce. Also, I had the best Mai Thai of the year there.

      I also liked Charm Thai a lot (yes, it's in the Holiday Inn.) I ate there twice, and thought the lunch buffett was fun, and quite fresh.

      Food presentation and an amazing smoothies at the Orangey in Siam Paragon made for a lovely lunch (I think this place is affiliated with the Blue Elephant.) The service was wonderful, and the setting is so beautiful (orchids/plants hanging around.) Hit the Harn spa right there in 4F too.

      Cabbages and Condoms was soo farang friendly, but the food was not great. (Although, the scene is fun, twickly lights, free Internet cafe, and cold beer!)

      I also had a really good time at Bed SupperClub; super international hang, but not very chowish.

      I ate every morning at the Expresso Cafe in the InterContintal, because I stayed there. Great breakfast bufett with perfectly ripe tropical fruit, broad baked goods selection and cook to order eggs.

      The best meal of my fast trip was at the Suan Luam night bazaar (next to Lumpini Park); at the restaurant right in front of the Puppet Theatre.

      Try to get reservations at Sirocco, at the State Tower. This restaurant, and attached bars at the top of the 64th floor - outside - are SO beautiful and glamourous. Prices are expensive and very worth it. Dress code in effect.

      Food loft at Central Chidlom is fun! Great international assortment and lots of options cooked to order. I had very tasty Nasi Goreng there. Also gelato:)

      In the Bangkok airport, try Mango Tree for egg rolls and Mango Dacquiries.

      Places I missed, but wanted to try: La Na Thai, and the Spice Market (in the Four Seasons though).

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        Just got back from my trip. Stayed in old Sukhothai and didn't make it to Philok for the night market. In Bangkok, managed to get to Polo Fried Chicken (apparently there is now an air-conditioned dining room a couple of doors toward Wireless Road) and Chote Chitr. The fried chicken at Polo is not bad, but somehow I prefer the fried chicken drumstick I had in Sukhothai's night market for 10 Baht...

        Chote Chitr was pretty good. Had mee grob and the eggplant salad.

        I have no interest in Western food in Bangkok, and didn't want to pay for view without food being good - so no Sirocco (been there anyway) and Vertigo.

        Should have gone to Baan Khanita...definitely next time.