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Mar 16, 2008 01:54 AM

Food Network Chefs

Just throwing this out there. Want people's opinions about the chefs we all watch.

I'll give my answer and reason to these questions and feel free to give yours. I'll start by saying, I have unfortunately not eaten at any of these chefs restaurants. Remember Food Network only!

Best chef - I know this won't be popular, but Bobby Flay
Most overrated chef - Emeril. His recipes are weak, and his act is very dull now.
Most charismatic - Robert Irvine (yes even more than Rachel Ray)
Best show - Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. I love this show. Hard to choose though.
Worst show - Simply Deliciosa. Not very informative and silly concept
Chef you'd most like to eat with - Guy Fieri. Just seems like a lovable guy.
Chef you'd most like to drink with - Anthony Bourdain.
Chef you'd most like to learn from - Tyler Florence. He seems to be patient and polished.
If you've been, best restaurant of a chef from Food Network - haven't : (
If you haven't, restaurant you most want to eat at - Mesa Grill
What type of show is missing from the Food Network - A show dedicated to ethnic cuisines, like Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Ethiopian, Moroccan. More than just Cook's Tour. I'd love a show dedicated to teaching Americans how to cook these wonderful dishes.

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  1. You are not going to get a real deep response here on this one. Too much snobbery. This is an anti-FN board. Nonetheless, I'll play along. It's hard though. Guy and Rachel are not chefs and Tony is not even on the network. Clearly you are new to FN and that's good. Keep chugging.

    Best Chef - Mario
    Most overrated chef - Tyler
    Best show - Emeril
    Worst show - The Neeleys
    Chef you'd most like to eat with - Mario.
    Chef you'd most like to drink with - Mario.
    Chef you'd most like to learn from - Mario.

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    1. re: SDMike

      But wait--isn't Mario on his way out the door, too?

      1. re: alanbarnes

        Mario is gone, Robert Irvine whom I just loved was fired, Emeril live is gone
        Best show- Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller
        Worst show- Everyday Italian.
        Chef I would most like to eat with-prob anybody but Paula Dean. she is a ticking time bomb with all that buttah

      2. re: SDMike

        Actually Mike, Tony is back at the FN with old episodes of A Cook's Tour....

        1. re: chefschickie

          Didn't someone say that FN needed to use the show before their ownership[ of the property ceased?

          1. re: Phaedrus

            Their broadcast rights were coming to an end. So they decided to rebroadcast his shows while they still could. This way they can pretend to be hip and edgy.

          2. re: chefschickie

            I see Tony B. on the Travel Channel occasionaly. In fact, there are marathon shows every once in a while. Love to watch him where ever he appears.

            1. re: Gio

              That's "No Reservations." FN shows "A Cook's Tour."

        2. Too funny. My opinion of "worst show" is yours of "best show." Guy Fieri is FN personified, and they've found their guy--relateable, "loveable," shtick-y. "Diners, Drive-Ins..." is fun to watch to see what comes up region-wise, but not for the food or the host. It's really not very interesting. How is it different from other shows?

          My public broadcasting channel airs many "ethnic" cooking shows; have you checked your listings?

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          1. re: amandaqtpie

            I agree if I want to learn about ethnic cooking and how it's made watching Lidia, no Sara Moulton, and some others are wonderful, but they are so boring. It's like watching someone read a cookbook.

            I like Guy and D,D, & D's because it shows places you can find wonderful meals that represent cities, enthnicities, and personality. Guy says when he likes something and says when he doesn't. It's a working class version of Bobby Flay's Food Nation. I'd rather watch shows of stuff I eat all the time, or wish I was eating all the time, than watch a show about some dish that costs $50 to make at home, $40 to eat out for three bites, and is boring.

            I agree that guy is FN personified. They have gone the way of personality and lost a little of the classic cooks (Sara Moulton, Ming Tsai)

          2. I still (and I know she's not a chef chef) love Ina Garten. She makes things accessible and everyone of her recipes I've made are delicious. Some stunners. And she knows how to throw a party.
            Worst show - hard to decide but I think I have to go with Sandra Lee's semi-homemade. It's just disgusting half the time and she is super annoying.
            But as I've mentioned before, I find Guy Fieri incredibly annoying but still kind-of like Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives because of the places they showcase.

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            1. re: AMFM

              You and I are right on.
              Ina is someone I'd love to have live with me; Sandra Lee is not good.

            2. Least Talented Male - Guy Fieri
              Least Talented Female - Sandra Lee
              Worst Show (tie) - Unwrapped and Hardy Boys/Partyline
              Most Annoying Female - Rachel Ray
              Most Annoying Male - Marc Summers
              WOrst Cleavage - Rachel Ray

              And to be at least somewhat positive -

              Most Talented: The Japanese dude on Iron Chef (he owns Nobu)
              Best Show : Iron Chef America (the original is cool but the ingredients are a bit too abstract for me)
              Best Cleavage: Giada

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              1. re: TonyO

                Masaharu Morimoto does not own Nobu. He was the executive chef there, but Nobu is co-owned by Robert DeNiro and Matsuhisa Nobuyuki.

              2. Favorite chef: Mario
                Favorite cook: Giada
                Best show: Iron Chef (America & original)
                Most annoying: Rachael Ray