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Mar 15, 2008 10:39 PM

Breakfast in Los Angeles?

Do you have any suggestions on where to eat a hearty breakfast in Los Angeles? One of my favorites is Toast on 3rd Street (West Hollywood). Other places I like are Jack and Jills, and Marmalade Cafe. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Check out John O'Groats on Pico Blvd.
    always crowded but worth the wait....I hear that toast's cousin opened a new place in playa vista called Picnic....check it out!

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      Nah, get there at 7:00 am and walk right in!

    2. S & W Country Diner on Washington in Culver City. They do breakfast combos where your omelette, eggs and bacon or sausage, or better still your homemade corned beef hash and eggs can be combined with their crispy hashed browns and toast, stack of two good big pancakes, or waffle. They know how to cook eggs perfectly to order, the portions are big, the service is good, and the prices are low. Cash only. Leagues better than the overrated John O'Groats with their powdery dry biscuits.

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      1. re: nosh

        " a hearty breakfast in Los Angeles?" Bingo! I second your rec.

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          real hashbrowns? not 'home fries'? corn beef hash? Thanks so much nosh, I know where I will be heading for breakfast tomorrow!

          S & W Country Diner
          9748 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

          1. re: susancinsf

            A friend and I went for breakfast a couple of weeks ago based on the recs here and it was quite disappointing. While my fried eggs was cooked to order, everything we ordered was very lukewarm (corned beef hash, grits, a chocolate chip waffle) and mediocre. And the biscuits and gravy we got were especially bad, partly because lukewarm gravy is so unappetizing and the biscuits were almost cake-y in texture. My Texas-bred dining companion couldn't eat more than a bite. Sad because I was so excited about this place, but at least it was so cheap that I didn't feel badly about leaving most of my meal on the plate and heading to Surfa's for sandwiches afterwards. Had much better biscuits the weekend following that at John O'Groats.

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              S & W offers two choices in corned beef hash -- homemade and canned. Unless you have a craving for the latter, spend the extra buck and order the homemade, fried extra-crispy. It comes with two eggs done any way -- I prefer scrambled soft, but they pull off a proper poached, basted, or over easy. Order the hash browns crispy (they do have a home fry option to skip). Biscuits are an option but the only weakness there -- they are indeed unique, but they are squares cut from a soft loaf, very cakelike, so you may want to go for the toast. If you are with someone, you order the hashbrowns and have your companion order the pancakes and share -- the portions are big. There is limited meter parking in front and more around the corner on Culver immediately behind around to the right. Bring cash for the check and change for the meter. If you decide to eat at the counter, I am much more comfortable on the stools to the right, those on the left are too short. Enjoy and report back!

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                Sorry about your experience, Molly. I am very surprised that you received lukewarm food at S & W. Almost all of my breakfasts there have been served promptly and hot. I gotta admit, however, that the one time I ordered a waffle as a side instead of hash browns or pancakes the waffle came out less than piping hot and seemed to break down the timing a bit. And while they are very proud of their unique biscuits, as I remarked they are far from classic. Oh, I also remembered one other weakness there -- the meatloaf that I tried one morning was way too bready. On the other hand, their sausage patties and bacon are hot, crisp, and generous. Overall, consistently my favorite westside breakfast by far.

            2. This morning I went to Charlie's at the Farmer's Market and had a pretty hearty breakfast. I picked up a few pieces of cornbread at the Gumbo Pot while I was waiting for my omelet and french toast. Charlie's has been there for ages and they do a good basic breakfast on the cheaper side of average. The GP cornbread is never as good as I want it to be, but I buy it anyway as I am a sucker for cornbread.

              1. The Griddle on Sunset at Fairfax is my absolute fave for breakfast. You definitely won't leave hungry - their portions are huge! They have really good French press coffee, yummy pancakes (I love the Sow Your Oats pancakes) and good egg dishes, too, if you like a more savory breakfast. My only caveat is to arrive early on weekends (by 9 a.m. or so) if you don't want to wait. Otherwise, expect to wait upwards of an hour during brunch primetime.

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                1. re: trishyb

                  Griddle is definitely decadence abounding.

                  Also agree w/ the above recs for John O'Groats.

                  You should also try Snug Harbor on Wilshire, as well as Bread and Porridge, both on Wilshire in Brentwood/Santa Monica.

                  The Four Seasons has great ricotta pancakes.

                  Cora's Coffee Shoppe is cute and reliably good, and served all day!

                  For healtheir fare, my faves are A Votre Sante, Sante La Brea, and Firehouse (prolly my fave) in Venice.

                  Campanile is pricier but good breakfast.

                  1. re: Emme

                    No doubt, the pancakes at the Griddle come in a stack of 3 with a choice of about 50 different varieties...did I mention that the stack covers the entireity of a 12" dinner plate? Wish I was pounding down some a those bad boys right now!

                  2. re: trishyb

                    I second that...Love the Griddle!!!! I love their baked potato omletas well as their Scotch on the Rocks pancakes..but don't get both...the serving is huge!!!

                  3. Here is a recent discussion that you ought to be able to "dine out" on for quite some time.