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Mar 15, 2008 10:21 PM

Suggestions 4 birthday dinner with the girls!

Looking for somewhere to celebrate birthday dinner with my cool gal pals...We are westside hipsters late 40's with a great appreciation for food...Prefer Italian, consider sushi or california cusine ....any suggestions?????? the clock is ticking!!!!

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  1. Chaya is a great place to party and have great food. Ditto Chinois. Both on Main in SM. Cal-Asian.

    1. Agree w/ Chaya.

      Tasca is fun, especially because small plates work well for groups.

      In a similar vein, AOC.

      For great Italian in your neck of the woods, I'd do dinner at Via Veneto. If you want fancier Italian, La Terza is great too, but maybe not for your occasion.

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        Bar Hayama on Sawtelle. You can share a bunch of different things and the hot food is as good or better than the sushi. Katsu-Ya in Brentwood can be good for that too.

      2. plz no katsu-ya... food is edible but by no means good.