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Mar 15, 2008 10:19 PM

Lunch in Las Vegas

Any suggestions for great lunches in Las Vegas? We are already going to Rosemary's, Lotus of Siam, and The Palm. Look for other Chowhound kind of places.

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  1. I know it isn't for everyone, but if you don't mind the ambiance of a snack bar at a supermarket, Mariana's Supermarket at Valley View and Sahara (southwest corner) has wonderful Mexican food. I usually get tacos or the seafood specials, but the soups and stews are very popular. They also usually have hot tortilla chips (they bag and sell them in the supermarket), which are excellent. Tons of drink options at the stand right across from the snack bar.

    Hue's Thai Sandwiches at 5515 Spring Mountain is not going to have the best of any particular dish, but the bahn mi, the pho, and the drinks are all terrific. It's a great place for a light lunch. And if you are still hungry, you can stop at nearby Ronald's Doughnuts at 4600 Spring Mountain.

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    1. re: Dave Feldman

      Hi Dave, I greatly respect your opinion and taste... but I hit Mariana's on Friday for some tacos and wasn't all that impressed. I had the al pastor, chicken and carne asada. The al pastor was the best of the bunch, but was really greasy. The carne asada was pretty bland, and the chicken wasn't particularly exciting. What do you usually order?

      A number of other folks in there were getting the seafood stews -- the shrimp one looked like it would be worth trying.

      1. re: brisket

        Sorry you had a mediocre experience. If there is a fish special, I usually order that. Then i look to se if anything looks especially appealing in the entrees. ailing that, II usually order tacos. Have had good luck with carnitas, al pastor, and lengua. And when the hot tortilla chips are unleashed, that might be my favorite of all.

        1. re: Dave Feldman

          Cool, I'll check out the carnitas and the fish. It would be good to catch the fresh chips -- I picked up a couple bags of their storemade ones and brought home, and they're great, especially the green jalapeno ones.

          1. re: brisket

            A little tip -- if the chips aren't out in the area where the salsas are, you can ask for them. I *think* they are free.

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