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Hell's Kitchen Suggestions

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I need suggestions for good restaurants in that area. It can be any cuisine. I am meeting a friend for dinner, and I want to make sure we have a good meal.

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  1. Marseille on 9th is excellent. Great vibe, french bistro food, still thinking about the merguez dish there..

    1. 44 and X is consistently good, relaxed atmosphere. really like the short ribs.

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        I'll second the 44 and X recommendation. I went there a few months ago, and really enjoyed my meal, as well as the service. My only quibble is that they serve you bread one piece at a time instead of an on-table bread basket, since I am a bread fiend.

        But both food and service were pretty enjoyable.

        1. re: corgette

          Ditto that. Also, there's: El Centro, Kashkaval


      2. I'd recommend Cara Mia (9th between 45th and 46th) for Italian. Zuni on 9th between 42nd and 43rd has delicious "American" food; Pigalle on 8th and 48th is a good bistro/French place. Pam Real Thai Food (two locations, on either 47th or 49th and 9th) is really good and cheap for Thai. And Gallo Nero, on 44th and 9th, is a good new wine bar that just opened up. Enjoy your dinner!

        1. Also look up Taboon; you might have to make a res there though.