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Mar 15, 2008 09:48 PM

Hell's Kitchen Suggestions

I need suggestions for good restaurants in that area. It can be any cuisine. I am meeting a friend for dinner, and I want to make sure we have a good meal.

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  1. Marseille on 9th is excellent. Great vibe, french bistro food, still thinking about the merguez dish there..

    1. 44 and X is consistently good, relaxed atmosphere. really like the short ribs.

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      1. re: thalthewall

        I'll second the 44 and X recommendation. I went there a few months ago, and really enjoyed my meal, as well as the service. My only quibble is that they serve you bread one piece at a time instead of an on-table bread basket, since I am a bread fiend.

        But both food and service were pretty enjoyable.

      2. I'd recommend Cara Mia (9th between 45th and 46th) for Italian. Zuni on 9th between 42nd and 43rd has delicious "American" food; Pigalle on 8th and 48th is a good bistro/French place. Pam Real Thai Food (two locations, on either 47th or 49th and 9th) is really good and cheap for Thai. And Gallo Nero, on 44th and 9th, is a good new wine bar that just opened up. Enjoy your dinner!

        1. Also look up Taboon; you might have to make a res there though.