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Apr 15, 2002 12:50 PM

Ancho's Bar & Grill, Riverside

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We met a friend at Ancho's last night. The friend was late, so after demolishing one basket of chips and salsa and making headway on a second we orderd the chicken quesadillas. After the quesadillas and couple of beers, still no friend, so we forged ahead. Ancho's ribs, cheese enchiladas, beans and rice.

The quesadillas were wonderful, especially with the very bright green rings of sliced chili (don't know what kind) and their homemade guacamole. Ribs were tender with a nice, smooth dark BBQ sauce. The enchiladas were fantastic, very simple dish, just basically very soft tortillas, almost the consistency of a mice, soft chile relleno, cheese and a dark, mahogany like red chile sauce. The red chile sauce was excellent, with a very nice, slite bite to it.

The fresh, warm tortillas, which the waiter kept bringing from the tortilla machine were fantastic, soooo much better than some dry, tough thing from a plastic package. The salsa served with the tortillas (both warm and chips) was of a thick consistency and had a nice smokiness to is (again I don't know what kind of chiles).

This place is just one big room, minimal decor, hard surfaces, crowded and noisy, but oh so good. Simple food, prepared simply and with care.

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  1. Like so many Chowfinds, this one's a bit out of the way, and not what you'd call freeway-close, but as one who schooled in the Inland Empire, I've been in the Ancho's camp for a number of years. I echo your ringing praises, and particularly tout their chile relleno as a fave.