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Mar 15, 2008 09:11 PM

THANH DA banh mi

anybody have any opinions on this sunset park banh mi shop (it's just off 8th ave on 57th st)?

i tried the 'shredded pork' sandwich, not sure what number that is, two times recently. the second time was purely research. both times the sandwich was very "eh." the hero bread roll was fine, but that's the best thing i can say about it.

i may be in the nabe again soon, should i try another style or just go to a different place? thx

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  1. go to ba xuyen, which is on 8th ave at 42nd st (i think). it's highly regarded, and with good reason. their bahn mi is one of my all-time favorite sandwiches.

    1. i also recommend Ba Xuyen overall. the #8 grilled pork is a thing of true beauty.
      #1 classic is very good.

      closer to this particular location, there is a place that i give props to for their No 1 classic bahn mi...

      (from another post of mine...

      after 4 rounds of side by sides, i'm giving my #1 vote for a #1 classic sandwich to Nha Trang (?? can't find biz card, and forget if that name is right) ... it's on 7th Ave between 60 & 61st (or close) on the WEST side of the street. their classic is saucier and fattier than Ba Xuyen's, which puts it over in my book.

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      1. re: charlie_b

        Nha Trang Palace is actually located on 8th Ave. and 59th St. I posted about it last year.

        1. re: Bob Martinez

          charlie b is not posting about nha trang palace, but about a Bahn MI place - I think not that far from Belacan Cafe and the old location of Ba Xuyen (across the street, right??) I thought Thanh Da was ok, but not as good as Ba Xuyen and it had the service issues (long waits and serviing people out of order) other people had mentioned when we went, too.

          1. re: jen kalb

            yes, i was posting about a bahn mi place, who's name i still can't remember, but Jen hit the nail on the head -- it is close to the previous location of Ba Xuyen, and i happened there on a snowy day, craving bahn mi and not checking the date of some posting i read somewhere for Ba Xuyen which was well outdated.

            they were there so i tried and was happy. i tried another variation there once and did not like it. but i will stand behind that there No. 1 classic is comparably good with the best, and sometimes more satisfying to this palate.

            maybe not a "destination" in the same way Ba Xuyen is, but definitely satisfying if in the neighborhood, and more convenient to the BQE, if that matters to anyone. and for my friend in Bay Ridge, much more convenient.


        2. re: charlie_b

          I recently tried the meatball banh mi and Ba Xuyen and was pleasantly surprised. Very tasty. I still like my dac biet, but this is a pretty serious "meatball hero". I wish you could do a banh mi sampler ;)

        3. thanks ya'll (practicing for my annual texas vacation next month - heh).

          i was trying to branch out a little, sounds like i should just go back to ba xuyen next time. ah well.

          ps -- if you are interested -- here is my little photo blog tour of brooklyn's chinatown from that day, including thanh da:

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          1. re: mrnyc

            There's a street cart you took a picture of (the heading above the picture is "chinese american banks" ) - and that cart is great. I've loved everything i've ever had from there. Corner of 55th & 8th

          2. For delicious banh mi, closer to the city, check out Hanco's in Cobble/Boerum Hill. Its right behind the F train at Bergen and they serve up a mean extra spicy classic banh mi.

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            1. re: hmacleish

              good tip thx, i'll keep that one in mind. i was aware of it but never tried it.

              1. re: hmacleish

                Thanks for the tip, I tried it yesterday and it was pretty good. Very good spring rolls too.