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Mar 15, 2008 08:30 PM

NZ Pie Recipe

My husband fell in love with the standard NZ savory pies served at every bakery and gas station (and every place in between). He has asked me to recreate some of them f(all kinds) for him and while I could certainly make something up, I'd love an idea of where to turn for the quintessential NZ pie recipes. Web sites or recipes much appreciated!

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  1. hi there.
    you might want to check out aussie recipe sites

    also look at http://PiEcon.blogspot.com to get an appreciation of how seriously ANZACs take their pies!

    1. Or order them from www.dubpies.com in Brooklyn (assuming you are in the States). They are very good - I've had them taste tested by Kiwi's -

      1. My favourite recipe (from a 1980s Australia New Zealand Woman's Weekly) is to saute chopped steak lightly (keep the fat on the steak, as it gives flavor and gives the gravy a better consistency -- lean meat will be dry) , remove from pan. Saute equal carrots, onions and celery in butter. Add back the steak, beef stock, salt and pepper and simmer for about an hour. Then add a small dollop of tomato paste and a small knob of butter/flour kneaded together as thickening. Then simmer for another 20 mins or so until thick. Cool it all (remove some gravy if there is too much). Then line pie tins with BUTTER flakey pastry ( I usually make a bit of effort to get 100% butter pastry - which you can do from gourmet shops). Put the filling in and cover with more pastry. Bake according to pastry instructions. If you want a real authentic NZ version, then you can't go past the Edmonds Cook Book recipe (for a whole range of authentic recipes. Their Steak and Kidney Pie is very good). Mine is a bit fancier than that. Hope it works.